The Polish runner turned to her rival. She referred to the controversial situation

The Polish runner turned to her rival.  She referred to the controversial situation

Martyna Galant won the gold medal of the Polish Championships and then appeared in the mixed zone. She turned to her opponent Weronika Lizakowska, referring to the difficult situation that occurred during the race. We also learned that a runner may suddenly change her plans.

In the evening session, we witnessed the women's 1500 meters race, which featured an interesting fight between Martyna Galant and Weronka Lizakowska. What's more, during the race the first competitor did something that her rival could blame her for. Therefore, when she appeared in the mixed zone, she decided to explain the whole incident by turning to her opponent.

Galant apologized to her opponent

– There was a fight between me, Ola Płocińska and Weronika. I'm happy that I won, although I'm angry with myself for the mistakes I made, and I was talking about them with the coach today. I'm sorry that I ran into Weronika's path, but when you're in such a trance, or at least I am, not everything feels good. So towards the end I cut down hard and got in her way. I apologize to her for that, she said.

– Overall, I will definitely work on my running style. My start was chaotic. – the player added at the end of this thread. Naturally, she was asked to expand on the topic. What exactly was the runner talking about?

– I got locked up again and ran so much on the third track unnecessarily. I was waiting for such a decisive move by my opponents. It was up to me to decide when to attack. And since Weronika was going very hard, I waited to finish only in the last straight, because we had also discussed such a scenario with the coach – explained Galant.

– For me, this 1,500-meter run was a bit like the 600 meters, because that's when the real race began. There was nothing “wow” here. However, I am always calmer in slow runs because I know that I have a finish that will push me through various events. In this context, I trust myself. The results are what they are and they are not the results we can afford, said the 29-year-old.

Then the runner referred to the competition with the athlete whom she clearly hindered today and whom she won. – I need to talk to Weronika about what it's like. So far, we have competed sometimes, but we don't know each other well enough to say anything more. However, it's always motivating to have someone at your level. This is some reference to compare yourself to. If we go to the World Championships together, we will support each other there, she concluded.

Will Martyna Galant compete in the World Indoor Championships?

Then Martyna Galant was also asked about her plans for the coming weeks. Originally, the athlete was supposed to skip the upcoming important event, but there are many indications that she changed her mind. In a conversation with journalists after the performance in Toruń, she was clearly inclined to go to Scotland. She didn't say it outright, but her body language revealed a lot about it.

– The decision regarding my trip to the World Indoor Championships will be made today or tomorrow. Initially, we did not plan to go to Glasgow because the summer season starts early. In May you have to be in high gear. We hesitate about this, but we have one advantage of this start. There I can do the minimum for the Olympic Games in Paris – she revealed.

But what if he doesn't make it to the UK? – In this case, I will have a week off and then I will go to Kenya for a month. Then I'll come back for two weeks and then I'll go to another training camp. Then around May 10-11 I will start my first starts in the summer season. Then we have the European Championships in early June and, of course, the Olympics, she said.

– I haven't competed at the World Indoor Championships yet and it would be a nice experience and I think that such a run in a super strong field is a valuable thing. And then maybe I will surprise not only myself, but also the coach. I am focused on achieving the minimum, and I have a manager who calculates the ranking points and, together with the coach, plans the season so that everything fits – she explained, answering the question about whether she takes into account any plan in the context of the Olympic classification. B

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