This Wilfredo Leon award can be seen by everyone. The volleyball player has a reason to be proud

This Wilfredo Leon award can be seen by everyone. The volleyball player has a reason to be proud

Wilfredo Leon is preparing for the 2024 Nations League finals. In the meantime, the Polish national team star found a moment to pick up an unusual gingerbread. What’s behind it?

Polish volleyball players have finished the regular season of the VNL and on Thursday they will start competing in the finals of the prestigious event held in Łódź. Nikola Grbić’s players want to follow in the footsteps of the women’s team and, like them, finish it with another medal. The quarter-final rival of the European champions will be the Brazilians, who recently unexpectedly defeated them.

Wilfredo Leon received an astonishing award

After arriving in Poland, the players didn’t have much time to rest. The arrival and the start of the event in Łódź are only a few days apart. Despite this, Wilfredo Leon (despite a slight delay) found a moment to visit Toruń, which is close to him. In the city with which the player’s wife is associated, the team’s receiver received an unusual award.

The volleyball player was awarded with inclusion in the “Gingerbread Alley of Stars”. The city of Toruń honors important figures associated with the region in this way. Leon Toruń has more relationships in his life than just his wife. The volleyball player is a co-owner of CUK Aniołów, a team that recently advanced to the back of the PlusLiga. The city also hosts classes for children under the banner of the “Wilfredo Leon Academy”.

– For me, this is the best and greatest souvenir and thank you. I was not born in Toruń, but I feel like a Toruń resident and I am proud that I can represent this beautiful city – said the former volleyball player from Italian Perugia during the ceremonial unveiling of the katarzynka.

Wilfredo Leon is set to play in PlusLiga

Wilfredo Leon will most likely play in the PlusLiga for the first time in his career in the upcoming season. The volleyball player is to sign a contract with Bogdanka Luk Lublin, the fifth team in the last Ekstraklasa. Previously, he played for years in Perugia (Serie A), as well as in the Russian Zenit Kazan.

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