LIVE: Poland plays for everything against the Czech Republic in el. EURO 2024 Poland faces a difficult task at the end of the EURO 2024 qualifying round. In Warsaw, they will face their direct rivals to advance to the European Championship, the Czechs. The guests who have a wrestling match in hand are in a much better situation. We invite you to…

LIVE: Poland plays for everything against the Czech Republic in el.  EURO 2024 Poland faces a difficult task at the end of the EURO 2024 qualifying round. In Warsaw, they will face their direct rivals to advance to the European Championship, the Czechs.  The guests who have a wrestling match in hand are in a much better situation.  We invite you to...

Poland faces a difficult task at the end of the EURO 2024 qualifying round. In Warsaw, they will face their direct rivals to advance to the European Championship, the Czechs. The guests who have a wrestling match in hand are in a much better situation. We invite you to follow the live coverage of Friday’s meeting.

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The Poles lost their chance for direct promotion. They will play in the play-offs. In turn, the Czech Republic only needs a draw with Moldova in the last qualifying match to advance.
End of the match. Poland draws 1-1.
96. min.
Shot over Jan Bednarek’s goal.
96. min.
Corner kick for Poland. Szczęsny runs into the penalty area.
95 minutes
Szczęsny’s intervention after a strong shot by Lingro.
95 minutes
Poles keep kicking the ball out of bounds. They were put on the defensive.
94 minutes
Foul by the Poles after the privilege benefited the Czechs.
93rd minute
Another shot missed by the Czechs (Cvancar).
92nd minute
The Czechs with another goal action. After Kral’s shot, the ball bounced off the Polish defender.
91st minute
The Czechs missed a shot.
90 minutes
The referee adds 6 minutes.
89th minute
The Czechs block shot after shot.
88. min.
Piotrowski’s shot missed. The ball flew far from the goal.
87th minute
Pass into the penalty area to Lewandowski, but the captain of the team withdrew the ball to Piotrowski, and consequently the Czechs removed the threat.
86. min.
Sebastian Szymański replaces Patryk Peda
85 minutes
Koudera shoots from distance, but the ball goes wide of Szczęsny’s goal.
84th minute
Foul in attack by a Polish player.
83rd minute
Confusion near the Czechs’ penalty area. The Poles held the ball for a long time, but Lewandowski’s header ultimately resulted in a corner kick.
82nd minute
Soucek is back on the field after another medical treatment.
81st minute
Stanek starts the game after the break.
80 minutes
Medical assistance for another Czech football player.
79th minute
Poles with initiative on the pitch.
78. min.
Stanek catches the ball “in installments” after Lewandowski’s free shot.
77th minute
Foul on Adam Buks near the penalty area.
76. min.
Change on the field for the Czechs
75. min.
The Czechs start the action from their own goal.
74th minute
The Czechs start the action after a jump ball.
Grosicki replaces Damian Szymański.
73rd minute
The Czech defender desperately kicks the ball out of bounds.
72nd minute
Poles are trying to create sideways action.
71st minute
The Poles try their chances in the Czech Republic’s penalty area. Strong pressing by the White and Reds.
69 minutes
Sadilek’s shot was off target, after good action from the side of the field.
69 minutes
The referee allows play to be resumed. Soucek leaves the field for a moment.
67th minute
Game interruption. Soucek is treated by medics.
66th minute
Bednarek unfortunately hit Soucek’s head with his foot.
65 minutes
The Czechs are besieging the Polish penalty area.
64 minutes
Lewandowski is offside.
63rd minute
Yellow card for a foul stopping Brabec.
62nd minute
The ball is thrown out of bounds.
61st minute
The Poles’ unlucky intervention almost resulted in the loss of the second goal. After the confusion, Szczęsny could not catch the ball, luckily the Czech defender’s shot was off target.
60 minutes
Corner kick for the Czechs.
60 minutes
The Poles dismissed the threat.
59th minute
Kiwior threw a long shot to Buksa, but the Czech goalkeeper, Stanek, was faster.
58. min.
Forced change in the Polish national team. Patryk Peda replaces Paweł Bochniewicz.
57th minute
Szymański stopped with a foul by Coufal.
56th minute
Lewandowski took over the ball after the block. He won the position, but his shot was off target.
55 minutes
Buksa’s shot was off target – high over the goal.
54th minute
Foul on Zalewski in the Czechs’ half.
53rd minute
The Poles’ counterattack slowed down by lack of ideas.
52nd minute
Poles come out with action from their own field. They are pressured by their rivals.
51st minute
A throw-in into the Czech penalty area blocked by the opponents
50 minutes
Lewandowski’s shot was unsuccessful. The ball did not hit the opponents’ goal at all.
49. min.1:1
Goal for the Czechs. After passing the ball into the penalty area, the ball fell under Soucek’s feet. The shot confidently beat Szczęsny from a few meters.
48. min.
Zalewski shot with his right foot, but it did not pose a threat to the Czech goalkeeper.
47. min.
Plays in the middle of the field. Poles are pushing against their rivals.
46. ​​min.0:0
Beginning of the second half.
Two changes also for the rivals.
Change in the Polish squad. Adam Buksa replaces Karol Świderski. According to TVP commentators, Świderski was taken from the stadium due to health problems.
The players are back on the pitch in Warsaw.

45. min.1:0
End of the first half.

Poland leads 1-0.

45. min.
The Poles avert the threat by kicking the ball out of bounds.
44. min.
Piotrowski made a good move, but passed the ball to Lewandowski, who was offside.
43rd minute
Frankowski passed the ball to Świderski, but at the last moment the Czech defender snatched the ball from him.
42nd minute
Szczęsny catches the ball and quickly throws it into the opponents’ half.
41st minute
Corner kick for the Czechs.
40 minutes
Poles are pressing against their rivals.
38. min.1:0
Goal for Poland! Nicola Zalewski won the duel and raced down the left wing. He passed the ball into the penalty area, but after some confusion, Jakub Piotrowski received the ball. From a few meters he put the ball into the opponents’ goal.
37. min.
Shot over Szczęsny’s goal by Sadilek after a free kick.
36. min.
Foul by Bochniewicz near the penalty area.
35. min.
Once again, Poles must start the action on the defensive.
34. min.
Poles “pressed” by their rivals.
33rd minute
Nicola Zalewski is offside.
32nd minute
Poles’ threat removed after the opponents took over the ball.
31st minute
Long moments without danger in front of both teams’ goals.
30 minutes.
The Czechs are trying to counterattack, but they have to take into account the pressure of the White and Reds.
29. min.
The Poles exchange the ball in the middle of the field.
28. min.
Unsuccessful attempts by Poles to construct an action.
27. min.
Doudera received a long ball. He fired a shot from the left, but it was too weak to threaten Szczęsny.
26. min.
Calm play by both teams
25. min.
The Czechs failed to pass the ball. The Poles took over the ball.
24. min.
Poland removes the threat by kicking the ball far into the second half.
23. min.
The Poles are pressing hard on the Czechs, forcing them to play in their own half.
22. min.
Frankowski crossed the ball into the penalty area, but Lewandowski was blocked. Kiwior was also blocked.
21st minute
The Czechs keep sending the ball out of bounds.
20. min.
Poles took the initiative.
19th minute
The Czechs’ threat was removed after kicks in the Poles’ penalty area.
18. min.
Zalewski passed the ball to Świderski again, but just before the Czechs’ goal, the opponent’s defender deflected it for a corner kick.
17. min
The White and Reds are pressing on their rivals in the midfield.
16. min.
Świderski received the ball in the penalty area, but after a while he lost it when he could not pass it to anyone.
15. min.
The Poles are slowly moving towards the Czechs’ goal.
14. min.
The game is played on half of the Poles.
13. min.
Lewandowski in an offside position.
12. min.
Frankowski won the race with his rival, but did not catch the ball he had previously released.
11. min.
Poles “cancel” every attempt of the Czechs to take action.
10. min.
The Czech wanted to force a corner kick, but in the end it was Szczęsny who would restart the game.
9. min.
The ball was kicked out by Bednarek from outside the Polish penalty area.
8. min.
The Poles slowed down the game. They start constructing actions from the defense line again.
7. min.
First shot on target in the match. The opponent’s goalkeeper easily caught the ball after Zalewski’s shot.
6. min.
Świderski passed into the penalty area towards Lewandowski, but the Czechs dismissed the threat.
5. min.
The Poles are once again trying to start the action from their own goal.
4. min.
Poles slow down the game and try their hand at playing from the side of the pitch.
3. min.
The Czechs had the ball all the time.
Doudera missed the target in the penalty area. The shot went wide of Szczęsny’s goal.
2. min.
Dangerous action in front of Szczęsny’s goal. The Czechs besieged his area for several dozen seconds.
1st min.
Robert Lewandowski received the pass, but the Czechs are explaining the situation.
Let’s start the meeting. The Czechs are the first to resume the game.
It’s time for the anthems of both countries.
The players go onto the pitch.
The stands of the “Narodowy” are full of fans – including fans of the Czech team. According to media reports, over 2,000 neighbors from the south are expected to sit at the stadium.
This is what the starting lineup of Jaroslav Silhavi’s team looks like.

Is the Polish national team facing disgrace? This is what Zbigniew Boniek thinks if the White and Reds are absent at EURO 2024.

Zbigniew Boniek thunders about disgrace. He indicated who should be held accountable

We know the composition of the Polish national team for the match against the Czech Republic.

Good morning! Welcome to the live coverage of the Poland – Czech Republic match as part of the EURO 2024 qualifiers

After the last draw with Moldova, the Polish national team has significantly hampered their chances of directly qualifying for EURO 2024. The White and Reds are in third place in the table, behind the Czechs, who have one more match to play. The promotion of Michał Probierz’s team may (but does not have to) be decided on Friday evening in Warsaw.

Poland is playing for direct promotion to EURO 2024

Why can or doesn’t it have to? Because if the Polish national team wins, fans will have to follow the last match of the Czechs – against Moldova. Even if Jaroslav Silhave’s players lose to the Poles, if they win at home against the Moldovans, they will return to second place in the table. There is also a scenario in which after two victories of the player Sergei Kleshchenko, they will advance to the tournament at the expense of the Poles and the Czechs.

The Czechs remember the last direct match against Poland very well. A few months ago in Prague they came out on top 3:1. Damian Szymański scored an honorary goal for the White and Reds. It is worth adding that this was also Fernando Santos’ debut as the team’s coach. In the rematch at the National Stadium, the team will be led (for the third time) by his successor, Michał Probierz.

Unlike the October training camp, this time Robert Lewandowski will be there. The captain of the national team returned to the game due to injury. However, Arkadiusz Milik will be missing, as he was unexpectedly omitted by the 51-year-old coach.

The Czechs do not want to give up their position in the EURO 2024 qualifying table

The match against the Czech Republic will start on Friday, November 17, at 8:45 p.m. in Warsaw. Four days later – also in the capital of the country – the White and Reds will play against Latvia in a sparring match. This will also be the last match of the national team in 2023.

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