I don't sleep because I'm digging into the rock. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor review

I don't sleep because I'm digging into the rock.  Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor review

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is addictive. One more rock, a few more upgrades, a thousand more monsters. Funday Games also shows how much can still be added to the idea initiated by Vampire Survivors.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a new game set in the same universe as the popular Deep Rock Galactic from 2020. There, in a group of up to 4 friends, we were extracting minerals from procedurally generated caves, and we were hindered by the creatures inhabiting them. In this year's production, we do roughly the same thing, only there are more monsters, the camera is on the ceiling, and unfortunately we cannot count on the support of our colleagues. We are alone in this and we have to cope, as befits dwarves.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. Survive in the mine

Fortunately, it's a roguelite game. In short, this means that it gets easier with each death. All mined resources allow us to upgrade our diggers between descents into the adit. We also discover new types of weapons and bonuses that help us effectively explore deep caves. But don't think that it might be too easy. We quickly come across the opposite mechanics and the difficulty level – with our consent, of course – can go up again.

It's hard – we will practically never clear the entire level of enemies. This is not our goal anyway. The main tasks are to extract valuable ores, collect some experience and get to the surface. This last element can be exciting, because we always have 30 seconds to get to our vehicle after defeating the last boss. It often happens that the doors to the “elevator” close right in front of our noses. In such a situation, all the earnings are lost, so it is not worth being overly greedy and it is not always worth going back for treasures scattered everywhere.

Of course, you can delay killing the boss and run around the map until you lose your breath, drilling and tirelessly collecting treasures. However, the creators made sure that this mechanic could not be abused indefinitely. The monsters are getting stronger every minute and there are a lot of them. If we don't get the right moment, it may simply be too late and they will cut off our access to the main enemy or our return to the surface.

From Vampire Survivors to Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is just a version of the so-called early access. The official premiere is expected to take place in 6-12 months. However, it is already probably the most beautiful representative of the young, but extremely prolific roguelite genre. His example best shows how long we have come since the playable but simple Vampire Survivors. There, only the idea was important, but here such an approach is no longer enough, and ideas need to be multiplied to stand out from the competition.

In addition to outstanding graphics, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor also features addictive rock collecting and side missions involving clearing a field for landing supply drops. These are elements that fit perfectly into the gameplay pattern – they make it more dynamic and interesting. The player must balance between digging and exterminating overgrown worms. These issues are also influenced by the hero class we choose. There are currently four, but there should be more in the future.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, like any other game of this type, brings us closer to the ideal. It's not quite the pinnacle of action roguelite yet, but it's certainly a solid milestone along the way. It may even be the best representative of the genre so far. The shooting is great, the enemies are quite diverse, the upgrade system is simple and pleasant. The graphics are pleasing to the eye, the music is not disturbing, and the price is lower than many games released today. When will we remember that each game on Steam can be returned for up to two hours of gameplay? It's a sin not to try.

Rating: 9/10

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