Ewa Swoboda is the best in the world. She beat herself

Ewa Swoboda is the best in the world.  She beat herself

From meeting to meeting, Ewa Swoboda is getting better and better. She shined again in the Copernicus Cup and set a new record this season. She achieved an impressive result.

This year’s edition of the Copernicus Cup, which takes place in Toruń, was dominated by running competitions. One of our biggest stars, Ewa Swoboda, took part in the sprint. Even though she had some tough opponents to overcome, she did it and set a new record this season.

Ewa Swoboda’s great result in the Copernicus Cup

The Polish representative competed over a distance of 60 meters alongside such athletes as Magdalena Stefanowicz, Kryscina Cimanouska, Imani Lansiquoet, Rani Rosius, Patrizia van der Weken, Shashalee Forbes and Zaynab Dosso. It was with the last one mentioned that she fought for the title of the best runner in the Toruń competition.

The competition between them was very fierce from the beginning to the very end of the race. If it weren’t for the freeze frame, it would be difficult to determine which of them crossed the finish line first. The white and red team turned out to be slightly better, achieving a result of 7.01 seconds. However, the competitor from Italy was on her tail and finished with a time of 7.02 seconds. This only emphasizes how difficult the race was and how high a level Swoboda had to reach to win.

This result also allowed her to become the fastest female sprinter in 2024. Interestingly, the Pole beat… herself. Earlier, she achieved a time of 7.04 during the Orlen Cup in Łódź. The competition took place at Atlas Arena on January 27. The white-and-red team’s result lasted just over a week.

Results of the women’s 60-meter race

1. Ewa Swoboda – 7.01 seconds
2. Zaynab Dosso (Italy) – 7.02s
3. Shashalee Forbes (Jamaica) – 7.13s
4. Patrizia van der Weken (Luxembourg) – 7.19s
5. Rani Rosius (Belgium) – 7.24s
6. Imani Lansiquot (Great Britain) – 7.24s
7. Kryscina Cimanouska – 7.26s
8. Magdalena Stefanowicz – 7.28s

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