Roman Giertych decided to run in the elections

Roman Giertych decided to run in the elections

Roman Giertych announced on Twitter that he “refused” to run in the Senate elections as part of the Senate pact “in a situation where the Left announced that it would put up a counter-candidate anyway.” The lawyer revealed that he had received a proposal to apply for a mandate from Olsztyn.

Reports that Roman Giertych may run for a senator’s seat have been appearing for several months. At the end of May, the former deputy prime minister in the PiS government and former leader of the League of Polish Families announced that after 16 years he was returning to politics and would run as an independent candidate in the elections to the Senate from the district near Poznań.

The statement was not agreed with the Civic Platform. The head of the KO parliamentary club, Borys Budka, stated that Giertych “would come in handy in the Senate, but the ‘Senate pact’ is an agreement between more parties.” He also suggested that if he really wanted to run, he should choose a constituency “where you really need strong people.”

In turn, at the beginning of August, the leader of Poland 2050, Szymon Hołownia, announced that he had nominated the lawyer as an independent candidate under the Senate pact.

Senate elections. Roman Giertych will not start

On Wednesday, Giertych announced on Twitter that he had decided not to run in the elections from the Senate pact and stated that his start was blocked by the Left. The lawyer cited the results of the latest Social Changes poll, in which 4.9 percent declared their willingness to vote for the Left. respondents. This means that this party would be under the threshold and would not enter the Sejm.

“As a result of mistakes in the campaign of the Left, another poll shows that they do not enter the Sejm, and almost 5 percent. of the opposition’s electorate is wasted, but that’s not what the Left does. They have other priorities. among others effectively blocked my run for the Senate as part of the Pact,” wrote Giertych.

“Announcements by Mr. Zandberg and Biejat that even if I took up running in the constituency indicated by the Pact (I was offered Olsztyn), they would quietly put up a left-wing opponent for me, made my start in such a formula senseless. Because they meant that the Left puts a veto to such an extent that in my case the Pact does not apply to them,” the entry reads.

List of allegations against the Left

Giertych accused the Left that “they are not disturbed by people who were in PiS until recently”, “they are not disturbed by those who voted on openly anti-constitutional laws together with PiS” and “those who legitimized theft and looting did not disturb them.” “I disturb them. In such a situation, my refusal to run from Olsztyn is obvious, because not only would I have to face an independent senator supported by PiS (which is more difficult than PiS itself), I would also have a left-wing candidate on my back who would split the votes,” he explained .

Giertych also stated that his “motivation to fight the generally positive Lidia Staroń would not be the same as in the case of PiS candidates.”

“I wanted to be a non-professional senator”

“My intention was to run against PiS and engage in ensuring, using the Senate mandate, that PiS activists are held accountable for the crimes they have committed. I wanted to be a non-professional senator who would devote his free time from legal work to overseeing how PiS would be settled,” explains Giertych.

Later in the entry, the lawyer expressed his concerns that “patting Mr. Dworczyk on the back during a visit to the meeting with Mrs. Nowacka and Mr. Nitras, which took place a few weeks ago, or honoring symmetrists on Campus organized by the opposition, will be a symbol of how we will treat PiS after the election.”

“Fictitious Launch Proposal”

Giertych also stated that “due to the fact that in some way” his “senatorial mandate would strengthen the demand for this settlement, he was subjected to a powerful attack not only from PiS, but also symmetrists, the Left and those within the opposition for whom no settlement is possible is important because it could in some cases hit them themselves.”

“The proposal to start from an extremely difficult district as part of a pact that one of the parties publicly announces that it does not intend to keep was a fictitious proposal, because it did not give any chance of success. Lack of success, however, would weaken my demand for PiS to be held accountable. That is why today I submitted my final answer to the Pact,” said Giertych.

“Start in a formula in which I would accept for me the choice of the district, among others by the Left, which at the same time announces that it will break the formula of the pact and do everything to make me lose, is impossible. It would mean participating in a game in which one of the players announces cheating in advance,” added the lawyer.

Żukowska: I see no reason why he should become a senator

In a recent interview for “Wprost”, Anna Maria Żukowska from the Left admitted that she “sees no reason why Giertych should become a senator.” Referring to his expressed desire to hold PiS accountable, the MP pointed out that “the Senate does not have the constitutional powers to hold anyone accountable, because it is the Sejm that has the option of appointing an investigative committee.”

– The only justification is that Giertych will receive immunity and will be able to return to Poland. For me, this is not a sufficient justification for his run in the election. He could hold PiS to account much more effectively as a prosecutor than as a senator, said Żukowska.

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