Purge in the State Forests. Another Ziobro man lost his position

Purge in the State Forests.  Another Ziobro man lost his position

The current spokesman for the State Forests, Michał Gzowski, was dismissed for disciplinary reasons, Interia reports. Over the years of his work, many scandals have broken out around him.

He was scheduled to be released on Wednesday. Michał Gzowski has served as the institution’s spokesman since 2021. Previously, as a politician of Sovereign Poland, he headed the political cabinet of Michał Woś and advised Zbigniew Ziobro. It is with the latter that he is primarily associated. He was even called the “gray eminence of the State Forests”.

Michał Gzowski’s wedding scandal

One of the scandals related to Michał Gzowski, and at the same time the loudest and first in the sequence, was the one from September 2021 related to the employment of the son of Radosław Liszewski, son of the vocalist of the Weekend band. This decision coincided with Gzowski’s wedding, at which Liszewski gave a concert.

Gzowski explained to the media that “the wedding and the wedding reception are his private matters and have no financial or organizational connection with the activities of the State Forests.” – The search for employees to inventory the warehouses of the State Forests was already underway before the wedding, at which the father of one of the employees, the singer of the Weekend group, performed – assured the former spokesman.

Numerous reservations about the former spokesman

This is not the only objection to Gzowski’s actions that attracted public attention during his career in the State Forests. Interia reported, among others: that numerous doubts were raised about the way he used the company car and how he accounted for trips in it.

However, journalists did not receive a specific answer on this matter, and only a statement was sent to them, informing them that “the use of a company car is the subject of an internal control procedure.”

The report described by Interia in December last year was also controversial. employment of Gzowski’s friend in the State Forests. It was to be held without a competition or publication of any announcement, and was to be decided by Bartłomiej Obajtek, former head of the regional directorate in Gdańsk, and the brother of Orlen’s president, Daniel Obajtek.

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