The PiS MP “corrected” Donald Tusk’s wishes. “You’re welcome”

The PiS MP "corrected" Donald Tusk's wishes.  "You're welcome"

– My basic task is to make everyone in Poland feel safe, said Donald Tusk, expressing Christmas wishes. Radosław Fogiel edited the video, adding a recording of the mauling of Joanna Borowiak.

Donald Tusk recorded Christmas wishes. “Hot months of political breakthrough are behind us. We experienced perhaps the most exciting election campaign in Poland’s recent history. The change that took place in the elections is a joy and a fulfillment of hopes,” the Prime Minister began at the beginning. Tusk asked, among others, to those “who did not want this change and for whom it causes anxiety.” He argued that he respected their views and concerns.

Donald Tusk’s Christmas wishes. Prime Minister on security

– I will convince you of my arguments, but above all, I will listen carefully to what you say. My basic task is to make each and every one of you – regardless of whether you are supporters of the government or its strong opponents – feel safe and at home in Poland, continued the head of government.

Tusk also appealed for building community. – Let’s start with the holidays. Let’s leave politics and disputes aside for these few beautiful days. Let’s see what unites us and think how important it is to be together. The Christmas tree, Christmas Eve dinner, wafer, conversations between close people are the best time to feel like a community again. I believe in the future of Poles as a great, united nation. I believe in Polish rebirth, concluded the Prime Minister.

Radosław Fogiel attacks the head of government by altering the recording with Joanna Borowiak

Tusk’s wishes were “corrected” by Radosław Fogiel. He used part of the recording of the head of government and, after his words about security, inserted a video of the attack on PiS MP Joanna Borowiak, which took place at the TVP headquarters. The former spokesman for Law and Justice also added a video of the fights, this time of low quality. Finally, he left Tusk’s words: “Truth, trust and mutual kindness.” Fogiel added the comment “you’re welcome”.

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