The pigeon was in… prison, now he is released. They thought he was a spy

The pigeon was in... prison, now he is released.  They thought he was a spy

Can a pigeon be in prison? It turns out that yes, and sometimes he even spends a lot of time there. Such an incident happened in India. There are very serious allegations in the background.

Although the situation may seem a bit cinematic, it really happened. It took place in India near Chembur in Mumbai. It was there that a bird suspected of espionage was captured less than a year ago. He was supposed to work for China and inform. He was put behind bars for 8 months, but now the authorities have taken pity on him.

Was the pigeon a spy? He was imprisoned for 8 months

Pigeons are popular birds and although they can be annoying in cities, they are still rather non-invasive. Indian policemen had a different opinion and said that one of the bird guests was very suspicious. All because of the rings on its legs and suspicious messages under its wings written in a language resembling the Chinese alphabet. It was believed that it was the fault of the citizens of this country.

As the bird was not difficult to catch, it was quickly placed behind bars. He was staying at the Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals. He was found to be a spy who should not be released under any circumstances. However, the pigeon’s situation changed after eight months.

The bird was released into the wild. No evidence

After some time, it turned out that the police could not find evidence that the pigeon had nefarious intentions. It all seemed like it was all about exuberant imagination and fantasy. On the one hand, you can say that you can never be careful enough, but did the animal have to suffer?

Authorities in India determined the bird was a racer and had an owner in Taiwan. This is why it was so well marked. It was determined that he was undergoing intense training and probably decided to escape. In the end, everything ended well. The would-be spy was taken to the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and then the doctors there decided to release him.

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