Extreme weather in Europe. Hundreds of flights have been canceled and there are delays

Extreme weather in Europe.  Hundreds of flights have been canceled and there are delays

Not only in Scandinavia, but also in Germany, extreme weather takes its toll on everyone. Heavy snowfall and low temperature led to traffic paralysis. Hundreds of flights were canceled.

German airports are experiencing delays and cancellations of flights due to very bad weather. Traffic paralysis began on January 17, but passengers should continue to be prepared for it in the following days. Hundreds of flights were canceled.

Delays and canceled flights. Winter attack in Europe

Air transport in Germany has suffered due to freezing temperatures and extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, numerous flights were grounded. Airport authorities are warning of major disruptions as the extreme cold creates hazardous conditions for planes both on the ground and in the air.

Delays and cancellations currently apply to January 17 and 18, but it is possible that the paralysis will extend to the following days. Travelers are advised to check flight status before going to the airport.

The worst in Frankfurt

Currently, the airport in Frankfurt is most affected by paralysis. On Wednesday, January 17, 570 of the 1,047 scheduled arrivals and departures were canceled. “Due to the forecast weather conditions, flight disruptions and cancellations will occur on January 17 at Frankfurt Airport. They are also expected on January 18,” said the facility’s spokesman.

Munich airport is also affected, with 254 flights canceled. In western Germany, Saarbruecken airport was closed on Wednesday, and delays and cancellations also affected airports in Dusseldorf and Cologne/Bonn.

The German Meteorological Service has raised weather warnings for some areas to level four, or “extremely serious.”

Black ice warnings have been issued at Frankfurt Airport. When it accumulates on runways, it reduces the aircraft’s grip and creates a risk of accidents. Freezing rain is also a problem for pilots in the air. If ice accumulates on the wings of an aircraft, it can destabilize the aircraft.

Lufthansa flights are likely to experience the greatest disruption. The airline has bases at the airports in Frankfurt and Munich.

In December, Munich airport was forced to close for several days due to snowfall. One plane, which was not in use at the time, rolled over and “frozen” to the tarmac.

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