A well-known airline gives away free plane tickets. A specific group of people will benefit

A well-known airline gives away free plane tickets.  A specific group of people will benefit

The ticket sale is for seniors only. It was the first time that easyJet organized something like this. It calls its offer exclusive and invites family reservations.

“Seniors will travel for free” – this is the slogan used by the British network easyJet to promote its flights. The offer is intended to encourage traveling with grandparents and to encourage family holidays. The promotion covers several specific locations in Europe. We reveal the details.

Free tickets for seniors. This trip will be worth it

EasyJet is a well-known airline that is considered the third largest in the world and the second largest and cheapest in Europe. It’s not always talked about because of promotion. Recently, she has attracted attention, among others, due to the incident – the plane was too heavy to take off and 19 passengers had to disembark. Fortunately, we can also count on good news. The network often sells tickets at promotional prices, and now for the first time it will give them away for free to a specific group of people. Seniors will benefit from family reservations.

The idea of ​​introducing the offer was decided upon after reading surprising research results. They showed that half of British families had never been on a foreign holiday with their grandparents, and over 2,000 had never been on holiday abroad. respondents indicated that they would like to change this. easyJet has come to the rescue. “We feel it’s time to recognize grandparents,” Matt Callaghan, easyJet Holidays’ chief operating officer, told the media.

What should you remember? easyJet’s senior sale is limited, meaning those who book their seats first will benefit. Grandma or grandpa must go on the trip with at least one grandchild or granddaughter. Family ties must be documented in the hotel we are going to. The offer started on February 1, and reservations can be made until May 2, 2024. The holidays will last until October 31, 2024.

This is how you can book a free ticket with easyJet

You can book a free flight with easyJet by calling the network’s hotline directly. You can do it now. The number is displayed in orange on the official website easyjet.com.

We have countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy at our disposal. Warm destinations will allow you to take advantage of beautiful beaches, the sea and popular attractions. Flights will depart from any UK airport subject to availability. There is a maximum of one discount per booking. Anyone who does not get free tickets can still benefit from discounts under another, orange promotion.

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