Half a meter of snow in Europe. The heavy rainfall surprised the residents

Half a meter of snow in Europe.  The heavy rainfall surprised the residents

Although Scandinavian countries are associated with cold and snow, this sight still surprised all the inhabitants of the area. As much as half a meter of snow fell in Norway. It was hard to get out of the house.

Not everyone was ready for such a sight on New Year’s Eve. Although Norway has a lot in common with snow, it does not always have to deal with such intense rainfall. On January 2, an unusual recording appeared on the Facebook page “Lubuscy Łowcy Burz” showing huge amounts of white powder. Everything was recorded on the night of December 31.

Half a meter of snow in Norway. The photos are impressive

While many Poles only dream of having at least a bit of snow in their city, others receive it in excess. Half a meter of snow fell in southern Norway, covering, among others, entire home yards or garden gazebos. The recordings that appeared on the Internet show that some objects are almost completely buried. There are no wooden benches or tables in sight.

Lubusz Storm Hunters showed a video in which we see a man leaving his house. Behind the door, about half a meter of white powder awaits him. To get through it, you have to immerse your entire knees in it – in this situation it is difficult to imagine walking and driving to the city center. In the Norwegian’s garden, all you can see is a trampled snow corridor, and there are only snowdrifts everywhere.

Internet users are shocked. This amount of snow is impressive

Poles who dream of snow every year for Christmas or New Year’s Eve can often only see it in the mountains. When rainfall occurs in other parts of the country, it is usually minimal and short-lived. It’s hard to build a snowman with a small amount of fluff, let alone ride a sled. It is for this reason that photos like those from Norway evoke many emotions in us.

“And that’s great, at least the plants will have natural protection against frost,” wrote one of the men. “I miss winter like this,” added another. The authors of the post asked commenters for advice on what to do with so much snow. Proposals to make an igloo, light a fire and melt snow in a pot, or transport some of the precipitation to Poland quickly appeared. What do you think about these proposals? Would you like to see such large snowdrifts in Poland?

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