Companies impersonate artificial intelligence. People make money by pretending to be machines

Companies impersonate artificial intelligence.  People make money by pretending to be machines

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest technology trends in recent years. Startups from Europe and large corporations from Silicon Valley deal with it. It is hardly surprising – AI is to completely change our reality. Perhaps we will see machines that will be able to pretend to be people. For now, however, we are dealing with people who pretend to be machines.

The successes of the creators of artificial intelligence quickly and often break through in media reports – including mainstream ones. Even in the previous century, there was a lot of talk about the Deep Blue system, which defeated the chess grandmaster, recently computers also proved their superiority in go or poker. In 2014, a computer program called Eugene Goostman became a star, beating the Turing test and thus proving that artificial intelligence had become a fact.

Several years have passed, and the question of when we will see real artificial intelligence remains valid. Because although the aforementioned projects were getting loud, it soon turned out that it was just a poor substitute for something that could imitate the human brain. Instead of virtual assistants straight from SF books and movies, we have simple pizza ordering bots at our disposal.

The Wizard of Oz in the IT industry

There have already been many articles and reports on artificial intelligence in the context of taking jobs away from people. You can find out from them how many jobs will disappear as a result of this digital offensive, which professions are most at risk, what career path should be chosen to minimize the risk of unemployment. A significant part of these forecasts is out of date – computers have not wiped people out of the labor market. They still need them. Often in controversial circumstances.

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