He had a gruesome accident. You can return to sports surprisingly quickly

He had a gruesome accident.  You can return to sports surprisingly quickly

Already in the first part of the year, we were able to confirm how dangerous a sport speedway is. Nicolas Covatti had a fatal fall in the Argentine championship. However, the 35-year-old intends to return to the track quickly.

In the past, Nicolas Covatti came close to qualifying for the Grand Prix series. He is known as the best player of the Italian national team. However, he does not forget where he comes from, so he decided to take part in one of the rounds of the Argentine Individual Championship. However, the competition ended dramatically after a fall from Facundo Albin. Both men fell with full force into the group surrounding the track in Bahia Blanca. There were fears that Covatti would not survive the event.

Covatti had multiple fractures

After the fall, Covatti suffered several injuries. He has broken legs and arms, and a damaged pelvis. He has several surgeries ahead of him, including the next one on February 15, and then rehabilitation.

According to the speedway rider's friend Niccolo Percotti, the Argentines expect Covatti to have about a five-month break from speedway racing. This would mean the loss of more than half of the season. Percotti, however, does not intend to regret it. He announced that Covatti could return to speedway already… in April, and a visit to the hospital in Bologna would help him with this.

“In Argentina they are talking about a 5-month break, but we are working hard to take him to the Doctorcosta Clinic in Bologna to shorten everything and I think we can see him in the first round of the Italian championship. I thought of organizing a fundraiser to enable his family to join him and to accompany him on his return journey as he would not be able to face it alone (…) For anyone who would like to support Nico in this difficult time, you can make a free donation , if you are interested, please contact me,” Percotti wrote on the Nicolas Covatti Fan Club group on Facebook.

It would be a miracle

Speedway riders often surprised the sports community by returning to competition really quickly after terrible injuries. However, a scenario in which the nice Italian representative would return to speedway in April seems downright impossible, considering the scale of his injuries. Meanwhile, the first round of the championship held in Italy will take place on April 14.

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