Cristiano Ronaldo approached a Polish referee and this happened. Beautiful pictures

Cristiano Ronaldo approached a Polish referee and this happened. Beautiful pictures

On Friday, Portugal competed with France at Euro 2024. There were some nice pictures to be seen just before the match. Starring Cristiano Ronaldo and Szymon Marciniak.

There were mixed feelings before the Portugal-France match. This is because both teams have very strong lineups, but they were unable to unleash their potential during Euro 2024. This quarter-final proved to be a test of what had happened so far at the tournament, as neither team was able to score a goal, and the promotion to the next round of the competition was decided by penalties. The Tricolours proved better in them, winning 5:3.

Ronaldo approached Marciniak

The beautiful scene was recorded by TVP Sport before the match. Cristiano Ronaldo approached Szymon Marciniak and greeted him affectionately. “Hello, big man,” the Portuguese said to the Polish referee with a smile on his face. Later, the gentlemen exchanged a few more words. “A nice greeting,” was written on the TVP Sport profile on platform X, where the recording was also made available.

Marciniak played exceptionally in the role of technical referee on Friday. The Pole remained with his team in Germany and has a chance to referee one of the semi-finals or even the final.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, showed great respect for Marciniak. Our referee has earned a great reputation, because he has many prestigious matches under his belt, including the 2022 World Cup final and the 2022/23 Champions League final. For the past two years, he has been voted the best referee in the world.

Ronaldo’s farewell without a happy ending

The quarter-finals of Euro 2024 were Cristiano Ronaldo’s last match in his history at the European Football Championship. The 39-year-old converted a penalty in the penalty shootout, but the French were more effective in this aspect. When it comes to goals from the field, Ronaldo did not score a single goal in Germany. This does not change the fact that he remains the top scorer in the history of the European Championship with 14 goals to his name.

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