The new Minister of Justice assessed the situation of Grzegorz Braun. “It’s piled up”

The new Minister of Justice assessed the situation of Grzegorz Braun.  "It's piled up"

On Friday, December 15, Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar appeared in the “One on One” program on TVN 24. Among numerous topics, he appeared, among others: the hottest of recent days, regarding Grzegorz Braun.

Adam Bodnar admitted that he talked about MP Braun’s situation with the national prosecutor. He recalled that his latest act was not the first conflict with the law of a representative of the Confederation. – There were many such cases, some of them were known to the public. These were also matters concerning Minister Szumowski, Niedzielski, and statements about Prime Minister Morawiecki. I have the impression that there was probably a lack of determination and consistency when it comes to verifying these cases and prosecuting Grzegorz Braun, Bodnar noted.

Adam Bodnar on the affairs of Grzegorz Braun

– Two cases are particularly crucial – the famous destruction of the Christmas tree of the Association of Polish Judges and the attack during a lecture by a professor from Germany – said the former Ombudsman. As he emphasized, detailed knowledge of these cases is not needed to see that there was a violation of the law.

– Probably these three cases: the Hanukkah candle, the Christmas tree and the attack on the professor, will be combined for joint examination – Bodnar continued. He also announced that he would submit a request to waive MP Braun’s immunity. – You can’t afford to make a mistake here, because once you evade it, you can’t go back, and we’re extending the charges to include new ones, he said.

The Minister of Justice did not want to speculate whether the Confederation MP would lose his mandate. – I wouldn’t like to anticipate the facts, it’s not appropriate. Let’s wait for the proceedings, he appealed. – MP Braun actually had a lot of these cases and I think we can have the impression that there was tacit consent, since these acts were not prosecuted so seriously – he summed up.

Regulation penalty for Grzegorz Braun

On Tuesday, December 12, when MPs were asking questions in the Sejm after Donald Tusk’s expose, Grzegorz Braun, using a powder fire extinguisher, extinguished Hanukkah candles lit in the hall of the lower house of parliament. The Marshal of the Sejm decided to exclude the Confederation MP from further participation in the meeting. Szymon Hołownia also reported that the MP was punished with deprivation of half of his parliamentary salary for a period of three months and the entire parliamentary allowance for a period of six months.

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