Gawkowski on the digitization of the country: I do not criticize my predecessors, quite the opposite

Gawkowski on the digitization of the country: I do not criticize my predecessors, quite the opposite

The 0% housing loan announced in 100 specifics by KO. will it come into force? The matter was commented on by Deputy Prime Minister Krzysztof Gawkowski, whose Left wing opposed such a solution. He also commented on the digitization process of Poland.

During the election campaign, the Left opposed the introduction of a 0% housing loan proposed by the Civic Coalition. The party claimed that it was better to support social housing and cheap rent. – We still think so – said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs Krzysztof Gawkowski on the Third Program of Polish Radio.

Safe Credit 2%. stays

The Deputy Prime Minister also referred to the words of the Minister of Development and Technology Krzysztof Hetman, who stated on December 14 that the Safe Credit 2% program launched by PiS. will continue and its interest rate may be even lower.

– This is in the coalition agreement. We have two legs of housing programs. The first is the leg of the housing program with a cheaper loan. Of course, it influences the development market and increases apartment prices. The second step to lower these prices is to build apartments for rent. These two legs complement each other. If you earn a lot and can afford a loan, buy a flat. The left has nothing against this. However, if you earn less and do not have your own contribution, the state is supposed to guarantee that you can have your own apartment – said Krzysztof Gawkowski.

– Cheaper loans make price increases normal. However, if we have a second program next to it, which assumes the construction of cheap apartments for rent, it will cause demand to fall and, with it, prices – added.

Digitization of Poland. “I don’t criticize my predecessors”

The Deputy Prime Minister was also asked about the state of the digitalization process, for which he will be responsible in Donald Tusk’s government. Interestingly, Krzysztof Gawkowski spoke very warmly about the achievements of his predecessors.

– I do not criticize my predecessors by saying that nothing was achieved. On the contrary, a lot has been achieved – mCitizen, electronic administration, digital services, but there is also a lot to do. For example, the national cybersecurity system needs to be strengthened. The so-called digital hygiene is also important, i.e. more education in this area – said the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs.

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