The creators of ChatGPT have created a new tool. Sora generates photorealistic videos based on text

The creators of ChatGPT have created a new tool.  Sora generates photorealistic videos based on text

The OpenAI organization, the creators of the popular ChatGPT bot, presented a new tool called Sora, which can generate photorealistic video materials based on text commands.

When the world first learned about the existence of the ChatGPT bot at the end of 2022, the topic of artificial intelligence began to be seriously discussed in the media. The appearance of a tool that can, in the blink of an eye, independently perform many activities that a human would spend much more time on has captured the imagination.

Today, no one seems to have any doubts that we are witnessing a digital revolution comparable to the invention of the Internet (and perhaps even something on an even larger scale). Meanwhile, OpenAI, the creators of the mentioned chatbot, are not slowing down and are constantly working on new tools based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Their latest invention is Sora.

OpenAI's Sora generates video from text

Until recently, one of the most impressive possibilities of artificial intelligence was generating images and photos that look as if they were created by a graphic designer or photographer. Today, however, it turns out that we are already several steps further in the development of artificial intelligence, because Sora from OpenAI can create moving images, or simply movies, on a similar principle. And these are realistic films that can look as if they were shot by human hands.

Based on plain text, Sora generates effective videos with any content and topic. Just enter the appropriate prompt (command) and the rest happens by itself. For now, the tool generates video materials with a maximum length of one minute, but its further development is only a matter of time. Sora's capabilities were presented in an advertising video – it's worth watching to understand what it's all about.

If, after seeing the above material, you can't wait to test the new OpenAI tool yourself, I have to disappoint you: for now, Sora is still in the testing phase, which means that at the moment it is only used by a specially selected group of people, consisting of mainly people from the film industry.

Based on the opinions collected in this way, the tool will be appropriately improved and enriched with new functions. OpenAI admits that Sora is still at a very early stage of development, so it may have problems with the proper interpretation of some commands, but of course this will be improved eventually.

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