Michał Probierz wrong decision of PZPN? The Czech coach sees a better Polish coach

Michał Probierz wrong decision of PZPN?  The Czech coach sees a better Polish coach

Michał Probierz faces a difficult task in his third match as the Polish coach. Victory over the Czech Republic does not necessarily mean direct promotion. There is still a lot of discussion surrounding the 51-year-old. One of the coaches who worked in our country years ago says directly that he was surprised by Cezary Kulesza’s decision. He had another favorite for the coach’s seat.

Polish footballers are fighting until the last minute to directly qualify for EURO 2024. Something that seemed an unrealistic scenario in March may soon come true. The Reds and Whites must defeat the Czechs and count on their failure in the match against Moldova. Michał Probierz faces a difficult task, especially since there are still many opinions on the validity of Cezary Kulesza’s decision.

The Czech coach sees a better national team coach than Michał Probierz

Michał Probierz fought for the position of national team coach with Marek Papszun for a long time. Both men held talks with Cezary Kulesza regarding plans for the national team. The current coach had experience working with the youth team. Moreover, for years he cooperated with the current PZPN helmsman at Jagiellonia Białystok.

Libor Pala does not hide his surprise with Touchstone’s choice. The Czech is a well-known figure in Polish football. The controversial trainer worked for Pogoń Szczecin, Lech Poznań, Wisła Płock and Świt Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. According to the 62-year-old, Kulesza’s definitely better choice would be Papszun. He considers him a better coach than Touchstone, whom he had the opportunity to get to know well.

– I know he is an excellent professional. However, I was surprised that your union didn’t hire him. In recent years, no coach of yours has had achievements like him. I have known Touchstone for twenty years. I remember him as a player, and later I met him as a coach. He has made a great career, but Papszun is one level higher than Michał. I like Touchstone because he is a tough, uncompromising guy, but I think that Papszun would be a better choice because he is an even greater coaching caliber, Pala said.

The Poles will play against the Czech Republic and Latvia

After playing the match against the Czech Republic, the Poles will prepare for the friendly against Latvia that ends the year. This match will also take place at the National Stadium in Warsaw (November 21).

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