The mysterious disappearance of Bartosz Kurek during the match. Is there anything to fear?

The mysterious disappearance of Bartosz Kurek during the match.  Is there anything to fear?

Bartosz Kurek started the match against JT Thunders very well. After two well-played sets, the 35-year-old suddenly disappeared from the court. Is there anything to fear? The attacker spoke about his absence.

In the last match of the Japanese league, Bartosz Kurek’s Wolfdogs Nagoya lost to JT Thunders. It is true that the first two sets were won by the guests, and the captain of the Polish national team excelled on the pitch. The 35-year-old scored 17 points and his play contributed greatly to winning the first two games.

The mysterious disappearance of Bartosz Kurek. The attacker translates

Surprisingly, the Pole did not appear on the court in the third set. The weakened players from Nagoya lost the next two games and the tie-break 15:5, which allowed the hosts to triumph. Bartosz Kurek’s club did not inform about what was happening to the attacker for a long time. It was only on Monday, December 4, that the player himself commented on the matter and explained the reasons for the premature end of the match.

“Congratulations to JT Thunders. They proved that they are a better team than us. We still have many chances to improve our game this season. As for me, a little break on the road, I hope I will recover soon,” wrote Kurek.

Bartosz Kurek’s difficult period

Bartosz Kurek did not say directly what happened to him, so it is not known whether there is anything to be afraid of. It is worth recalling that during the last international season, the attacker did not play during the preliminary phase of the 2023 Nations League in the Philippines due to an injury. Later, the captain of the White and Reds returned to the starting lineup for the VNL quarterfinals against Brazil, but he did not play in the semifinals against Japan.

After the Nations League tournament, a fight against time began to heal our captain’s injury so that he would be able to return to play at the European Championships. Ultimately, he managed to go to the championship, but during it Bartosz Kurek was injured again. This time it was so serious that it excluded him from playing in the decisive phase of the tournament and from qualifying for the Olympic Games. He was then replaced by Bartłomiej Bołądź, and Aleksander Śliwka served as captain. “It’s not an injury that will rule me out for a very long period. It is an overuse injury that needs to be taken care of, and now it practically prevents me from playing and it is very painful,” the 35-year-old said at the time.

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