Sebastian Świderski dissatisfied with the authorities’ decision. It’s about the squad for the Olympic Games

Sebastian Świderski dissatisfied with the authorities' decision.  It's about the squad for the Olympic Games

The Polish national volleyball teams will perform at the Olympic Games in Paris. According to reports by Sebastian Świderski, the national team will still be able to have only 12 people. The PZPS does not hide its frustration, pointing out that 14-person teams are allowed in other tournaments.

Next year, Polish fans will have many opportunities to admire national teams in major events. Both ladies and gentlemen qualified for the Olympics and we will see them in Paris. Despite the appeals, the coaches will still have a hard time dealing with a limited squad.

Sebastian Świderski disappointed with the IOC’s actions

Almost every four years, a discussion arises again about the limited number of players that coaches can take to the Olympics. Unlike the European and World Championships or Nations League tournaments, the selectors can choose not fourteen, but twelve players. This significantly reduces the possibility of player turnover and also limits the selection of only one libero.

A few months ago, there was a lot of talk about expanding the Olympic squads to 14 players, although match squads would still consist of 12 volleyball players. Now, according to Sebastian Świderski’s reports, everything indicates that such a change will not take place. The president of the Polish Volleyball Association said in an interview for that this is not due to the actions of the FIVB, but the IOC.

– We are constantly in dialogue with the FIVB. Unfortunately, it is not them who decide, but the IOC. Their decision is a bit incomprehensible. They’re still down to 12 players. Why can’t you give 14 and play like other international tournaments? It is not understandable, but decisions are made at the highest level, said Sebastian Świderski. – There are some light talks about the possibility of adding one volleyball player as a reserve, who could be something like our medical transfer in case of problems. This will be a one-time change, added the union president.

Poles will fight for medals in the Olympic Games

The men’s and volleyball Olympic tournament will be held from July 27 to August 11, 2024 in Paris.

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