Sale of parliamentary tablets. The Chancellery of the Sejm paid PLN 2.7 million for the new ones

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At the beginning of each term, MPs receive new tablets. They can buy them out after four years. “Rzeczpospolita” checked how much they cost.

A few years ago, all MPs were provided with official laptops so that they could read the draft bills being voted on during Sejm sessions. This was to reduce the amount of paper the designs were previously printed on. When the term of office ends, laptops are destroyed by commission to avoid interception of data stored on them by unauthorized persons. However, MPs can buy equipment they have used for four years.

Sale of used laptops in the Sejm

“The Sejm Chancellery is selling tablets used by members of the last term. In the case of parliamentary tablets, the valuation is around PLN 500 each,” we read in “Rzeczpospolita”. The market price of these models ranges from PLN 900 to even PLN 1,200.

The MPs elected on October 15 have already received tenth-generation silver iPads, equipped with a 10.9-inch display, 256 GB of memory and the ability to connect to the 5G network. The Chancellery of the Sejm paid PLN 2.7 million for the purchase of 600 devices.

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