The mother of four children is begging the president for a pardon. “I really regret”

The mother of four children is begging the president for a pardon.  "I really regret"

The single mother of four will soon return to prison. Mrs. Angelika was sentenced after she stabbed a man who attacked her ex-husband. Now he is begging the president for a pardon.

Mrs. Angelika from Wrocław is waiting for President Andrzej Duda's decision regarding her request for clemency. A single mother of four was sentenced to three years in prison for grievous bodily harm to a man who attacked her ex-husband.

A single mother asks for clemency

Currently, the woman whose story was publicized in the program “Uwaga!” TVN, is taking a break from her sentence, but she will soon have to return to custody. This can only be prevented by the president issuing an act of pardon. Mrs. Angelika's application in this case was positively assessed by both the district court and the appellate court. In both cases, it was indicated that the sentence should remain suspended for five years.

In an interview with “Fakt”, the convict talked about the circumstances of the event that changed her life. She admitted that the attack on her then-husband was the result of a growing neighborly conflict. The tenants of the block where she lived complained about the noises made by her children, including a crying baby. As a result, a friend of one of the residents was sent to the family.

She reacted to the attack on her husband

The woman told the daily that the unknown man immediately attacked her then partner, throwing herself at him and choking him. – Then he threw him down the stairs. My husband lay motionless in the corner, she continued. Then Mrs. Angelika took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the attacker. Doctors treated her partner, and the strange man was taken to hospital.

The convict assured in an interview with “Fakt” that she very much regretted reaching for a sharp instrument. – I often wonder: if I hadn't stuck that knife in, would this have continued? How would it end? One thing is certain, I will have this situation in front of my eyes for the rest of my life, she admitted.

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