Who will win the European elections? The winner of the poll with a huge advantage over the rest of the party

Great political emotions lie ahead. The latest United Surveys poll for Wirtualna Polska checked which party has the greatest chance of winning the European Parliament elections.

The European elections are fast approaching. On June 9, we will elect our representatives in the European Parliament. The Polish delegation will include 52 MEPs. In the current term, the United Right has 27 MEPs. Civic Coalition and PSL – 16, Left – 7 and Poland 2050 – 1. One MEP is independent.

Poll. Who will win the European elections?

Although there are still several weeks left until the vote, pollsters are constantly checking which party has the greatest chance of winning. The survey conducted by United Surveys for Wirtualna Polska shows that the Civic Coalition is the clear favorite in the European Parliament elections. In the opinion of 39 percent respondents, Donald Tusk's formation will have the most MEPs.

Law and Justice took second place. 28.3% believe that Jarosław Kaczyński's party will win. respondents. Third Road also made it to the podium. 5.3% believe in the scenario that the Poland 2050 coalition and PSL will win the elections. subjects.

Who will win the European elections? Results of the latest survey

Respondents assess the chances of other groups much worse. 2.3% believe that the Left will win. respondents and the Confederation 1.7 percent It is worth emphasizing that as many as 23.4 percent respondents do not have clearly defined views on this issue.

The analysis of the survey results shows that residents of small towns with a population of up to 50,000 have the greatest faith in KO's victory. inhabitants (54%). Among the inhabitants of large cities over 250 thousand inhabitants 44 percent 27% believe that he will win by KO. that PiS will win. 36% of people also believe that Jarosław Kaczyński's party will win. village inhabitants.

The United Surveys survey for Wirtualna Polska was conducted on April 6-7, 2024 on a representative sample of respondents using the CATI&CAWI method.

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