The president of Wizz Air asked about the meaning of CPK. He replied that no one is building airports now

Wizz Air restores as many as six connections.  We will recommend, among others:  from Poland to Israel

The president of Wizz Air has doubts whether building CPK makes sense. In his opinion, first of all, the potential of the airports already existing in central Poland: in Radom and Łódź should be used.

It is still unknown whether the Central Communication Port will be built, and if so, whether it will include the mega airport in Baranów and the high-speed railway or only one of these components. A decision on further work will be made after the audit is completed.

In this situation of suspension, asked the president of the airline Wizz Air, Jozsef Varadi, how he assessed one of the flagship ideas of the previous government. He noted that there is currently no airport being built anywhere in Europe, which proves that investors are aware of how difficult this project is and prefer to use existing ports rather than build new ones – and with them all the necessary infrastructure, e.g. Access roads. He advises Polish decision-makers to do the same.

– I would look at the possibilities of the ports in Radom and Łódź, try to achieve greater efficiency and better use of existing airports, before building a new one. Only when I can no longer create more capacity will such an endeavor make sense. I think that Poland is not there yet and has reserves in the system, said Varadi.

He gave the example of London Gatwick airport, which has only one runway and serves approximately 41 million passengers annually. 50 air carriers operate there.

How much will CPK cost?

How much might it cost to build an airport near Warsaw? CPK assumes that the state budget expenditure related to the construction and launch of the CPK airport will amount to approximately PLN 9 billion (the estimated total amount of the airport part of the investment is approximately PLN 41 billion, of which over PLN 32 billion is the contribution of private investors and debt financing). At the same time, the company calculated that from the mid-1930s, thanks to the CPK, additional annual state budget revenues from customs duties and VAT will exceed PLN 1 billion. “During the first 32 years of operation, the CPK investment will generate nearly PLN 200 billion,” commented the then Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Marcin Horała, on these calculations.

New analysts will have to check the veracity of these calculations. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to make further decisions. Preparing the audit may take several months, because there are many different components to be calculated: construction of railways, stations, purchase of land for investments, construction of access roads to the planned airport…

During the election campaign, candidates spoke about the future of the CPK with varying “intensities of emotion”. Izabela Leszczyna thundered in an interview for “Puls Biznesu” that “this project will die a natural death.” – Like Prime Minister Morawiecki's ferries, drones and luxtorpedoes… We will not forcibly take away people's property to build the Central Communication Port – she argued.

There are fewer and fewer cruises from Radom

The airport in Radom mentioned by the president of Wizz Air has not had a good run lately. More and more flights are disappearing and the schedule is becoming extremely poor. As reported by, the following companies have withdrawn their connections from the Warsaw-Radom airport: Ithaca. The trip to Crete has been removed from sale. We will not soon see the routes from Anex Tour to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt in the booking system. Initially, we were supposed to fly there until the end of April, but the deadline was shortened to March 10. This information was confirmed to us by the spokesperson of Polskie Porty Lotnicze SA in a telephone conversation

These reductions may mean difficulties for tourists. Some people hoping to fly from Radom will have to prepare for a journey from another city. Recently, Itaka has been sending its customers information about the cancellation of the charter connection from Radom to Heraklion, which was to be operated from June 12 to September 18. Those who purchased this trip could change the starting station – instead of Radom, choose Warsaw or Katowice.

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