Poles disappointed against Moldova. The president of the Polish Football Association spoke

Poles disappointed against Moldova.  The president of the Polish Football Association spoke

Polish footballers have complicated their lives again. After the draw with Moldova, the White and Reds must look at other results if they think about directly qualifying for Euro 2024. Cezary Kulesza, president of the Polish Football Association, spoke on this matter. Eloquent words were spoken.

After winning against the Faroe Islands and Albania’s triumph over the Czech Republic, we had everything in our hands again. It was enough to win the last two matches against Moldova and the Czech Republic. However, this situation is no longer valid.

Cezary Kulesza spoke after the match against Moldova

Unfortunately, the White and Reds failed the first test because they were unable to win against Moldova. Michał Probierz’s players were only able to pull out a 1-1 draw at home. This match ultimately ended with the score 1:1 after a goal by Karol Świderski. The president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza, commented on this result of the meeting.

“Huge disappointment with today’s result, but we fight until the end. Thank you to everyone who supported the national team today at the PGE National Stadium and on TV,” he wrote on Twitter.

Poles still have a chance to advance

Despite everything, Michał Probierz’s players still have a chance to directly advance to Euro 2024. However, not everything is in our hands and we will have to look to our rivals. The key matches here will be Moldova-Albania and Czech Republic-Moldova. So what needs to happen?

  • Poland defeats the Czechs
  • Albania wins against Moldova
  • Moldova draws with the Czech Republic

If there is no direct promotion to Euro 2024, the White and Reds still have a chance to go to this championship through the play-offs. Our lifeline is the Nations League and the ranking of this competition, in which we are currently in 11th position. At the moment, Polish players would be fighting against the Netherlands, Croatia and Estonia, the best team in the D division, to advance to the European Championship.

EURO 2024 qualifying group E table

Place Representation: Matches: Goal balance: Points:
1. Albania 6 11:3 13
2. The czech republic 6 8:5 11
3. Poland 7 9:9 10
4. Moldova 6 6:6 9
5. Faroe Islands 7 2:13 1

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