The mother abandoned the young bear. The animal was found in a tree

The mother abandoned the young bear.  The animal was found in a tree

A group of mountain rescuers came across an abandoned baby bear during a training camp. Help for the lonely animal was organized quickly.

A lonely, 4-month-old bear was found in the Hasmas Mountains in central Romania. He was found by rescuers who were practicing high-altitude operations in that area. A small bear was spotted in a tree in one of the ravines.

One of the rescuers reported on Facebook about the unusual situation. He wrote that it was another such case. The young animal was collected and delivered to the appropriate center of the Romanian National Agency for Protected Nature Areas.

A young bear abandoned by its mother. “He was weakened”

Agency authorities instructed rescuers to transfer the teddy bear to a center in the city of Targu Mures. On Monday, May 22, he underwent the necessary veterinary examinations. According to the rescuers, the bear was weakened and left by its mother probably for the whole night.

As emphasized by employees of the Romanian services, similar situations are extremely rare, because bears take care of their cubs extremely conscientiously. In a Facebook message, the Vlahita rescue team announced that the whereabouts and health of the bear’s mother is unknown.

How to act in bear-occupied territory?

Let us recall a few rules that the Tatra National Park suggests in cases of encounters with bears:

  1. I remember that I am only temporarily in the area where bears live permanently, so I keep silence and do not move outside the marked trails.

  2. In the event of a bear encounter, I remain calm and walk away slowly.

  3. I don’t go near the bear under any circumstances.

In addition, remember not to leave any rubbish on the trails, and do not carry any food products that could be of interest to animals.

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