Deposit system from 2025. Poles indicated the amount

Deposit system from 2025. Poles indicated the amount

Just over 80 percent Poles believe that the deposit system is the best solution that will allow for the effective collection of used and recyclable packaging – according to a study commissioned by Tomra Collection. When asked about the amount that would provide sufficient motivation to return the packaging, respondents most often indicated 50 groszy and 1 PLN.

As shown by a study commissioned by Tomra Collection, 81 percent Poles support the introduction of a deposit system in our country, treating it as the best solution for the effective collection of beverage packaging. The authors of the study emphasize that the results are independent of the age, gender or place of residence of the respondents.

– This study shows that the deposit system is a tool that is well received by the entire society, from the oldest to the youngest generations. This is very good news for those responsible for creating the system in Poland. Thanks to such an optimistic attitude and consistent education on the principles of its operation, this tool has potential and a chance for success. Poles are waiting for the deposit system and are ready to make changes to their daily habits – comments Anna Sapota, vice president for public affairs in the TOMRA group.

Deposit system from 2025

The deposit system, which is scheduled to launch in Poland at the beginning of next year, is a response to the increase in plastic pollution and demand for high-quality secondary raw materials. It already operates successfully in many European countries, including: at our neighbors (in Slovakia, Lithuania and Germany). Recently, countries such as Hungary, Romania and Ireland have introduced their own systems. Others, such as the Netherlands and Germany, are expanding the existing ones.

The system involves collecting a deposit when purchasing a drink and returning it when returning the empty packaging to a collection point, i.e. the store. The deposit is therefore one of the most important motivators for recycling packaging. Study participants were asked about the amount that would sufficiently motivate them to return the packaging. The most common choices were 50 groszy and PLN 1 (46% and 45% respectively). Only every tenth respondent was in favor of a deposit higher than PLN 1.

The study shows that the source of information from which respondents most often want to learn about the deposit system in Poland is television (67%). It was closely followed by news portals and newspapers (44%) and shop leaflets (43%).

– Stores are key to the efficient collection of empty beverage containers. Not only the form of collection and its appropriate location in the store, but also education around the principles and benefits of the deposit system depend on them. Research has shown that leaflets prepared by stores are eagerly read by Poles and can be a valuable source of information – emphasizes Konrad Robak, managing director at TOMRA Collection Polska.

The study, conducted by K+Research by Insight Lab on behalf of Tomra Collection, was carried out in February 2024 on a sample of over 1,000 adult residents of Poland using the CAWI method (online survey).

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