Passengers cheered as a drunk tourist was led off the plane. This recording is a hit on the Internet

Passengers cheered as a drunk tourist was led off the plane.  This recording is a hit on the Internet

The tourist’s indecent behavior forced the pilots to make an unplanned landing. The man didn’t reach his vacation on time, but he became an Internet star.

A passenger on a Ryanair flight from Liverpool to Ibiza was taken away by French services after the plane had to land unexpectedly in Bordeaux due to the man’s unbearable behavior. Passengers’ reactions in the viral video indicate that his temporary presence on board was extremely disruptive.

The unruly passenger was asked to leave

Ibiza is a classic party destination, especially among UK passengers. The Internet is full of photos and videos of tourists who decided to start having fun on the plane. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end with just feeling bad when you get there. The man departing from Liverpool on Wednesday, October 3 will remember his trip to the Spanish island for a long time. He was certainly surprised when, instead of Ibiza, he woke up in Bordoaux, France.

Flight FR2096 was interrupted when the man engaged in unspecified behavior that disrupted the flight. It is known that he was under the influence of drugs. Ryanair did not specify what specific situations occurred on board before the decision was made to ask the tourist to leave. We know that his behavior was far from acceptable after watching the reactions of his fellow passengers in the recordings posted on the X website (formerly: Twitter). During the escort, the man could barely stand and did not remember whether he had luggage with him.

The tourist was “led away” by French officers

While the French police were taking the barely conscious man out, the other people on the plane were happy with this turn of events. Cheers could be heard, and even the officers joined in. “Olé,” one of them said, causing bursts of laughter from the crowd. The Boeing 737, lighter by one passenger, then continued its flight to Ibiza, where it arrived with a slight delay. Social media users quickly shared their recordings with Internet users.

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