Foreign media write about the Polish cat. It was a tourist attraction, now it has a new home

Foreign media write about the Polish cat.  It was a tourist attraction, now it has a new home

Until it found a new home, Gacek was the highest-rated “tourist attraction” in the Polish city. Now he has new guardians, he has undergone a metamorphosis and foreign media are writing about him.

Gacek the cat first rose to fame in 2020 after appearing in a video that has since amassed over five million views. The black cat with a white tie, socks and nose was appreciated by both Polish and foreign tourists. At the beginning of this year, it was hailed as “Szczecin’s best tourist attraction”.

He lived on one street for a long time, and finally, after many years, he managed to find a loving home. He also lost a few kilograms, which is definitely good for his health. The foreign portal writes about its metamorphosis.

Foreign media delighted with the Polish cat

A cat named Gacek lived for years in a wooden box at Kaszubska Street. He was called “the king of Kashubia”. At the beginning of 2023, his story circulated in the world’s media – the cat started visiting monuments, e.g. the 14th-century Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes. It was listed on Google as a tourist attraction and within 48 hours it had nearly 500 reviews and an average rating of five stars. According to local reports, the chubby black and white cat had almost 2,500 positive reviews on Google Maps before it was removed.

After gaining some weight, he gained a new home and a healthier lifestyle. Finally, serious interest was taken in him and he was taken to responsible guardians.

A cat popular in Poland has a new home

Gacek’s fame quickly made many people concerned about his health. He received many treats from tourists, and some even came especially to meet him.

According to the entry of the Szczecin Animal Welfare Association (TOZ), in April the organization intervened in the case of a cat that had problems with its teeth and joints. He received appropriate treatment, but still needed to lose 4-5 kilograms. Therefore, the famous cat was adopted and moved to a new home where its diet could be controlled.

However, the rescue of the famous Polish cat attracted criticism. Even though TOZ acted in the good interest of the cat, not all residents liked it. Locals called for Gacek to be returned to the streets and claimed that the shelter was trying to cash in on the cat’s celebrity status.

“It was very difficult for us,” TOZ wrote on Facebook in September. “A bucket of hate was poured on us from many sides.”

The shelter recently shared photos of the cat after its metamorphosis. The post also announced his new name.

“Call me George from now on…George Clooney as a cat, yes, that’s the new me,” we read. “I’m in good shape and I feel good about it. I run up the stairs and jump on the counters.”

Gacek’s fame is also used to help other creatures in need. The shelter asked people to donate food for other street cats in honor of the black and white cat.

You can also support the crowdfunding campaign “Gacek buys food for the homeless”, under which donations have already exceeded the original amount.

The only downside? Thanks to a new house, a new name and a much healthier lifestyle, Gacek is no longer included in Google Maps and has lost his place as the biggest tourist attraction in Szczecin.

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