Who will be the new US president? Poles have a favorite

Who will be the new US president?  Poles have a favorite

More than half of Poles would like Joe Biden to win the November presidential elections in the US – according to a survey by UCE Research for Onet. Just over one fifth of respondents see Donald Trump in this role.

The US presidential elections will take place in November this year. The results of a study conducted by UCE Research on behalf of Onet indicate that the incumbent head of state, Joe Biden, enjoys much greater support in Poland than his opponent, Donald Trump.

Poles expect Joe Biden's re-election

A total of 54.3% voted in favor of the re-election of the Democratic representative. respondents. Over 32 percent survey participants admitted that they would definitely see him as president, and 21.7 percent would rather vote for Biden if they could take part in the election.

A total of 20.8 percent declared support for the Republican representative. respondents. 8.5% of voters definitely expect him to win. respondents, and 12.3 percent of those asked would rather like him to defeat his opponent. The remaining respondents – 24.8 percent. – to the question: “Who would you rather see as president of the USA?” they replied “I don't know/it's hard to say.”

Confederate voters support Donald Trump

Joe Biden was supported primarily by supporters of the Civic Coalition – almost 78%. survey participants who were supporters of this group chose the Democratic representative. 67.5% also want the incumbent president to be re-elected. Left voters and 65.4 percent Third Way supporters.

In the Law and Justice electorate, Joe Biden enjoys support of 44.2%, but over 25%. supporters of Jarosław Kaczyński's party are not interested in this issue or have no opinion on it. The only party whose voters were more likely to choose Donald Trump was the Confederation. More than half, 52.3 percent, of the party's supporters participating in the survey supported his victory.

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