Russia is stockpiling Su-30 fighters in Crimea. This is one of Putin’s most powerful weapons

Russia is stockpiling Su-30 fighters in Crimea.  This is one of Putin's most powerful weapons

Agents of the Atesh guerrilla group reported that Russia is organizing a unit of Su-30 fighters in Crimea, probably preparing for a dangerous air attack on Ukraine.

Disturbing information about the Russian-Ukrainian war reaches the public from the partisan group Atesh, which informed via the Telegram application that new units of the Russian Air Force have appeared in Crimea.

These are very dangerous Su-30 fighters, which are one of Putin’s most dangerous weapons. Another ten planes of this type were to appear at the Saki airport in Novofedorivka, which does not portend anything good, as it is from this direction that air attacks on Ukraine most often occur.

A disturbing message from Telegram

“Recently, our agents have been actively engaged in reconnaissance of the strategic airport in Novofedorivka, better known as Saki Airport. This is one of the strategically important places because it is where most of the launches of Russian fighter planes attacking Ukraine take place. During the reconnaissance, the presence of about ten Su-30 fighters was recorded (…)” – a message with this content was sent by Ukrainian partisans via the Telegram application.

Su-30 fighters – even though they have been in service with the Russian army for about 30 years – are still one of the most potentially dangerous weapons in Putin’s hands.

Su-30 fighters – what are they capable of?

The Su-30 is a multi-role fighter designed to destroy air targets both during the day and at night, also in difficult weather conditions. Its purpose is to control airspace, sabotage enemy airfields from a long distance, and operate against targets located on land and at sea.

The Su-30 fighters are equipped with a rapid-firing 30 mm automatic cannon with 150 rounds of ammunition. In addition, they have missile armament, which is suspended at ten points: four under the wing consoles, two under the wingtips, two under the engine nacelles and two under the central frame between the nacelles. The Su-30 can carry up to six medium-range air-to-air guided missiles, and the total combat payload weight is 4 tons.

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