A sad situation during Hurkacz’s match. The child fainted

A sad situation during Hurkacz's match.  The child fainted

Hubert Hurkacz defeated Zhizhen Zhang in the first United Cup quarterfinal match. For a moment, the result faded into the background. All because one of the children fainted while passing the ball. Medical help was provided immediately.

The Polish national team performed excellently in the quarterfinals of the United Cup tournament, beating China 3-0. First, Hubert Hurkacz defeated Zhizhen Zhang 6:3, 6:4. Then Iga Świątek won against Qinwen Zheng 6:2, 6:3, and at the very end our mix of Katarzyna Piter/Jan Zieliński turned out to be better than the Xiaodi You/Fajing Sun duo (6:3, 5:7, 10-7 ). This means that Poland will at least repeat the result from last season, when it also reached the United Cup semi-finals.

A sad situation during Hurkacz’s match

We saw moments of terror on the court during the Hurkacz-Zhang match. In the second set, with the score at 3-3, the game was suddenly interrupted. All because one person on the court felt unwell. Later it turned out that it was a ball girl who had fainted. She was given medical help immediately. Players and training staff also wanted to join the action. Even the supervisor appeared on the court.

Fortunately, the situation was quickly brought under control. Hurkacz and Zhang were then able to return to the game. It is worth remembering that the weather may have influenced the child’s fainting. Australia experiences hot weather every day, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius in the shade.

Poland will meet its rival on Thursday

Our team has not experienced defeat in the United Cup so far. First, they defeated Brazil 3-0 and Spain 2-1 in the group. Now, after an impressive game against China and a 3-0 victory, he must wait for his opponent in the semi-final. She will meet him on Thursday. It will be France or Norway.

Let us remind you that now the Polish national team is moving from Perth to Sydney, where the final phase of the United Cup will be played. The semi-finals are scheduled for Saturday, January 6. The final is to take place a day later.

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