The great rival of Iga Świątek thunders after the tournament in Montreal. She feels destroyed

The great rival of Iga Świątek thunders after the tournament in Montreal.  She feels destroyed

The WTA 1000 tournament in Montreal has come to an end, but it didn’t leave a good impression. One of Iga Świątek’s main rivals, Jelena Rybakina, admitted in one of her statements that the competition was very badly organized. The finalist Lyudmila Samsonowa said the same thing.

The tournament in Montreal came to an end on the night from Sunday to Monday Polish time. It was won by the American Jessica Pegula, who defeated the Russian Lyudmila Samsonova 6:1, 6:0 in the final. On the same day, the latter’s match with Yelena Rybnakina took place, ending with the score 6:1, 1:6, 6:2. The time interval between these meetings was only two hours and 15 minutes. Samsonowa’s poor form and lack of arguments in the match against Pegula could have been caused by fatigue and lack of time for regeneration.

Yelena Rybakina thunders after the tournament in Montreal. Lyudmila Samsonowa joins her

The match between Jessica Pegula and Lyudmila Samsonowa looked like hitting a wall. On her way to the final, the Russian defeated tennis players such as Aryna Sabalenka or Yelena Rybakina, the current numbers 2 and 4 of the WTA world ranking, and although the American was considered the favorite of the final, many people expected a surprise. This did not happen, but there is a possibility that we know the reason for this course of events.

“Honestly, I wish I had more time. But the organizers said it’s impossible, so it’s OK. I didn’t have time to recover because I was in the physiotherapy room and I tried to wrap my whole body with tape, and it took me an hour – Lyudmila Samsonowa said after the final. Yelena Rybakina is even more disgusted with the whole course of the competition, claiming that its organization was carried out badly.

“She feels devastated because of the tournament plan and the whole situation. I’m not particularly happy about it, but it is what it is. Tennis players can’t do much in these situations. The weather wasn’t helpful. I got a few injuries – said Kazaszka during the press conference.

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