The legend has spoken. It talks about the biggest problem of Polish jumpers

The legend has spoken.  It talks about the biggest problem of Polish jumpers

Even before the start of the third competition of the Four Hills Tournament in Innsbruck, Gregor Schlierenzauer briefly analyzed the problem of the Polish representatives this season. It’s mainly about one element.

The beginning of the season is not good for Polish jumpers. In the first ten individual competitions, none of Thomas Thurnbichler’s players reached the top ten. In addition, from time to time, team leaders make mistakes, as evidenced by, among others, Dawid Kubacki’s failure to enter the competition in Innsbruck.

Schlierenzauer made the diagnosis

Gregor Schlierenzauer, one of the legendary ski jumpers, was asked about the crisis of our competitors before the competition in Innsbruck. In an interview with Eurosport, the Austrian pointed out one element that attracts attention in the attempts of Polish jumpers.

– If you look from the side, you can see that they make mistakes when leaving the threshold, and then, of course, it is difficult to get away from it. This is where something technically goes wrong. I am convinced that the coach of the Polish national team, Thomas Thurnbichler, will cope with the problems. Sometimes in ski jumping it takes a lot to get back to the highest level. I keep my fingers crossed for the Poles, emphasized Gregor Schlierenzauer.

It is not without reason that “Schlieri” hopes that Thurnbichler will find a solution to the problematic situation. Both men have known each other since they started together, although of course they were on a completely different level. Schlierenzauer dominated on the world’s ski jumping hills, and his compatriot was not a competitor from the headlines.

Schlierenzauer’s new role

During his career, Gregor Schlierenzauer won 53 World Cup competitions, which is the best result of all time.

He announced the end of his long-term adventure with ski jumping as an active competitor in September 2021. It seemed that he would move away from his beloved sport, but for almost twelve months he has been a mentor of the Austrian talent – Stephan Embacher. He is helped by, among others: in mental matters.

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