Maciej Kot had to do it. Good news from the Polish jumper

Maciej Kot had to do it.  Good news from the Polish jumper

Maciej Kot returned to the Polish A team quite unexpectedly, but he has to constantly prove his worth to stay in it. In a conversation with Interia, the ski jumper revealed that he had recently been doing special exercises and also shared other optimistic information.

To say that Polish jumpers are doing poorly in the 2023/24 season is like saying nothing. This group also includes Maciej Kot, who was impressive in the summer, but is also not doing very well in the winter. However, the player, included in the A team at the beginning of December, confessed that the team is heading in the right direction, and he and individual members of Thomas Thurnbichler’s team simply feel it. In addition, we learned that in recent days the 33-year-old had been working more closely with our coach’s assistant because he had to quickly improve in one aspect. Thanks to this, he performed well in the qualifying round in Innsbruck.

Positive impressions of Maciej Kot

– As a team, we understand more and more. We have a lot of material to analyze. The players focus on their job and the coaching staff on theirs. We have more and more conclusions and, what makes us happy, more and more positive ones. We have more and more frequent confirmations that we are going in the right direction – he said in an interview with Interia.

Moreover, Maciej Kot revealed that he had recently established a special plan for himself, developed together with Thomas Thurnbichler and Wojciech Topor, the Austrian’s new assistant. Let us recall that he recently replaced Marc Noelke in this position. The Polish trainer knows the experienced jumper very well and has been working closely with him in recent weeks.

The idea was for the 32-year-old to perform better in the Four Hills Tournament in Innsbruck than in the earlier stages of the event. It paid off because in the first Austrian qualifications the competitor advanced to the main competition, which he failed to do in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, for example.

Maciej Kot revealed that he performed imitation exercises. – Wojtek took the initiative to go up, where there is some level ground. We took the stroller and did some exercises that we did during the summer to find feeling, he said. According to the athlete, this involved him visualizing his jump and then having to put all his faith into making the attempt properly.

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