The largest foreign investor is Germany, that's clear. Who is hot on their heels?

The largest foreign investor is Germany, that's clear.  Who is hot on their heels?

In the ranking of the largest foreign investors in Poland according to the country of residence of the parent company, France's share exceeded 9%, which placed it in second place after Germany and directly ahead of the Netherlands and the USA.

Poland is a key economic partner of France in Central and Eastern Europe. It is in our country that French companies have located almost half of all investments in the region.

Investments. More and more French investors in Poland

Cumulative foreign direct investments of companies with French capital exceeded PLN 100 billion, after increasing by approximately 1/3 over the last 5 years.

The French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (CCIFP) in cooperation with the QUANT TANK Institute of Expert Debate and Analysis, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Chamber's existence, issued a report entitled “The contribution of companies with French capital and Polish-French relations to the Polish economy”, which is an extensive analysis of business relations between Poland and France.

– When Poland began its systemic transformation 35 years ago, as an economically destabilized country, it badly needed capital, many industries were outdated and undercapitalized – says Dr. Stanisław Kluza, President of the QUANT TANK Institute of Expert Debate and Analysis, co-author of the report, in an interview with MarketNews24. – Poland really needed foreign investments, and among the first to appear were French investments.

French money in media and communication

In many sectors, French companies play a particularly important role compared to other foreign investors. The area of ​​their greatest activity (nearly 70% share in 2022) is the information and communication section, covering the telecommunications, media and IT industries. They also play a leading role in the business services sector for companies, especially in the area of ​​administration and support activities, where they represent approximately 1/3 of the total foreign capital of companies operating in Poland and professional, scientific and technical activities (3rd place among foreign investors).

An important aspect of the activities of French companies in Poland from the point of view of increasing the innovativeness of the economy is the fact that they often operate in knowledge-intensive industries characterized by the highest level of technological advancement, such as: pharmaceutical and chemical production, transport equipment, electrical and electronic devices. They are also strongly present in services requiring specialized knowledge – especially in the information and communication sector, but also, for example, advertising and marketing.

The president of ElectroMobility Poland, Piotr Regulski, was dismissed from his position – learned. He was appointed to the position a month and a half ago.

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