Prime Minister Morawiecki announces the implementation of the opposition’s demands. “It’s also an offer”

Prime Minister Morawiecki announces the implementation of the opposition's demands.  "It's also an offer"

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Friday, November 17, that he would present a new government within 7-8 days. He also talked about creating the Coalition of Polish Affairs.

In his speech, Mateusz Morawiecki explained that he wanted to replace his entire cabinet because voters gave a clear signal that they wanted the Polish-Polish war to end. He promised to create a non-party government and fulfill the election promises of his rivals. – We have taken the most valuable fragments from various programs and are building a Decalogue of Polish Affairs from them – he said.

Morawiecki wants the Coalition of Polish Affairs

– I am not presenting here ideas for the third term of office of PiS. NO. This is the idea for the first term of office of the Coalition of Polish Affairs. Those that interest Poles and can ensure the maintenance of this great gift of Poland’s sovereignty, emphasized Morawiecki.

– These proposals are also an offer for MPs of all other formations. Also for those MPs who also care about the implementation of their programs. I will show not only the Decalogue of Polish Affairs but also where to get the money for it – said the Prime Minister, who is running for another term.

Morawiecki: KO wants to withdraw from its promises

– We can already see that our political competitors want to withdraw from their flagship program: 100 specifics for 100 days. Their policy is supposed to be a policy of powerlessness, symbolized by hot water in the tap. We don’t say that and we also want to implement your demands based on objective data that are intended to counteract lies and half-truths in public space, he said emphatically.

– We have postponed the programs of our political opponents with whom we want to cooperate. Our program proposals are consistent with those of PSL, Poland 2050, Confederation and even the Left, he continued. Later in the conference, he listed specific demands of specific parties and said how he intended to implement them.

Duda designated Morawiecki as prime minister

On Monday evening, November 13 – after the end of the inaugural sessions of the Sejm of the 10th term – a short ceremony was held at the Presidential Palace. Andrzej Duda officially entrusted the mission of forming a new government to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki as the leader of the winning party in the elections. From now on, he has two weeks to find a parliamentary majority that will express a vote of confidence in the new government.

The problem is that Morawiecki will almost certainly not be able to cope with this task. Law and Justice has 194 deputies in the new Sejm. As the president pointed out, this is too little to govern alone. The minimum parliamentary majority is 231 MPs.

The leaders of all other parties – i.e. the Civic Coalition, the Polish People’s Party, Poland 2050, the Left and the Confederation – have officially ruled out the possibility of forming a coalition government with PiS.

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