An innovative approach to health and beauty

An innovative approach to health and beauty

What is the future of aesthetic medicine? Dr. Padlewska, who has gained the recognition of patients and experts around the world, talks about her passion for dermatology, innovative treatment methods and commitment to breast cancer prevention. In the interview, he talks about his work in Dublin, his research activities and the future of aesthetic medicine, the key of which is bioaesthetics and advanced technologies.

You are the winner of many prestigious awards, the author of books dedicated to dermatology and aesthetic medicine, and a lecturer at symposia and congresses around the world. As an international expert, traveling is already included in your professional biography.

Yes, it's true, I travel a lot professionally, but my work is my passion. Thanks to the fact that I participate in international symposia, I constantly develop, learn new technologies and trends. My fascination with dermatology began during an internship at Scripps Clinic in California, then I continued my education at the dermatology clinic of the University of California, USF College of Medicine in San Diego. Then I got an internship at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Research work at a prestigious Institute and knowledge of languages ​​resulted in the opportunity to work all over the world.

You are still very active professionally abroad, having been cooperating with one of the renowned dermatology and aesthetic medicine clinics in Dublin for years.

I have had patients in Dublin for years. Patients come from all over Ireland, but unfortunately I can only devote a few days a month to them. In Poland, in my Oricea Clinic, patients from all over Poland are also waiting for me, and there are only 24 hours in a day. The priority is Oricea, where he uses proprietary therapies, a combination of techniques, and treatment procedures – all to achieve optimal results. My innovative, innovative approach to dermatology and aesthetic medicine has gained recognition. I have won many awards in this field, but the most important thing for me is the satisfaction of my patients.

This year you received further prestigious awards, including an award in the category of innovative approach to health and beauty by Manager magazine.

I am very happy that my actions in this aspect were appreciated. Science and technology are developing at a huge pace. We cannot rest on our laurels, we must constantly develop. I have always been fascinated by innovative solutions, technologies, the latest scientific achievements and research.

There is a Clinical Research Group in my clinic, of which I am a co-founder. Together with a professional team, we have been conducting clinical trials for 15 years, giving me access to the most innovative technologies and preparations. I think that the future of medicine will belong to bioaesthetics, a trend that is based on acting in harmony with the natural processes of the body; use of mines stem cells, plasma will provide us with an optimal and safe way to take care of our beauty and health. An insatiable thirst for knowledge motivates me to be so active in dermatology and aesthetic medicine on an international scale.

I have been associated with Braster for several years, first as a member of the Supervisory Board and then also as a member of the Scientific Council. The company is a listed company whose main product is a device for the early detection of breast cancer. The device, without emitting radiation in a groundbreaking, safe and painless way, allows for early detection of oncological changes both in offices and at home.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, so prevention is a priority. Henry Ford said that companies that grow thanks to continuous development, because they are creative, will never fail, they will develop and set trends on the market. Together with the Oricea Clinic team, we develop professionally, medically and scientifically with passion and determination, thanks to which we provide professional services at the highest level.

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