These may be new directions for LOT. Promising plans of the national carrier

These may be new directions for LOT.  Promising plans of the national carrier

Polish Airlines announces its development direction for the coming years. According to the carrier’s published strategy, we can expect really long routes.

The Polish air carrier never ceases to surprise. This is a good time to take a look at LOT’s future plans after the launch of the famous route to Riyadh and the announcement of a new connection to the mountains. According to the airline’s strategy for 2024-2028, we can expect both new European routes and long intercontinental connections. The carrier’s plans were reviewed by

New LOT connections

In 2024, LOT has already launched several interesting routes. In addition to the mentioned connection to Saudi Arabia, the carrier’s offer also includes Oradea in Romania, Athens and Tashkent in Uzbekistan. All these directions were previously included in the published strategy of the Polish airline. The website took a look at the announcements for the coming years. According to the information provided, by 2028 LOT will launch at least 20 new routes. New European destinations will appear on the list. Officially, it is said, among others: about Bergen, Larnaca, Malaga, Dublin, Hannover, Nuremberg, Bologna, Helsinki, Lisbon and the city of Iasi in Romania. This is also indicated by the confirmed plans to expand the Polish carrier’s fleet, which focus primarily on aircraft operating on short and medium distances.

There is a chance to travel long distances

This does not mean, however, that long-distance destinations will be omitted. Outside Europe, LOT primarily targets the Central Asia and Middle East regions. Potentially analyzed destinations include Tehran, Almaty in Kazakhstan and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Other distant destinations that may appear in the LOT network this decade include: Bangkok, Singapore and Montreal in Canada. Time will tell which of them will actually be permanently included in the carrier’s flight schedule. However, the expansion project was based on the plan for the rapid establishment of the CPK and may change under the influence of the decisions of the current government.

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