The KO candidate intends to repeat the trick from four years ago. He wants to use… Tinder

The KO candidate intends to repeat the trick from four years ago.  He wants to use… Tinder

Paweł Wojda, a multiple gold medalist of the Polish and European sumo championships, is running for a seat in the Sejm from the Warsaw list of the Civic Coalition. The candidate intends to attract voters in an unusual way.

30-year-old Paweł Wojda is running for the Sejm from 28th place on the Warsaw list of the Civic Coalition. However, he is not a debutant – he also ran for the seat four years ago, but to no avail. He then won 2,561 votes and took 19th place out of 40 KO candidates in this district.

Sumo wrestler is KO’s candidate for the Sejm

In the upcoming elections, he hopes to double his result from 2019. – Over 5 thousand votes is the goal of both me and my staff – says Wojda in an interview with Interia.

In the previous campaign, the candidate became famous for soliciting votes on Tinder. This time, he also intends to use the popular dating application to convince voters. – That’s the plan, but not yet. I am aware that such a campaign – although it does not violate the application’s regulations – may be limited in time. I would like to maximize my campaign opportunities and wait with Tinder closer to the elections, says Wojda.

Tinder campaign

Previously, during the campaign, the candidate was banned from Tinder. – I think some users reported me because I wasn’t their political option or because they didn’t want to see this type of content on a dating site. This time I’m planning some surprises and new tools, but I won’t reveal what voters will find there yet – he announces in an interview for Interia.

Wojda has been associated with PO since 2015. He then became involved in Bronisław Komorowski’s presidential campaign. – I was a volunteer, I had the opportunity to travel with the president several times, participate in picnics and other such events – he recalls in an interview with the portal. However, he emphasizes that he has not been very active over the last four years.

If the KO candidate wins the mandate, he would like to deal with “the country’s internal security in the face of threats from the East” in the Sejm. His interests also include “new technologies, artificial intelligence and all the threats it brings”, as well as foreign policy.

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