Will Donald Tusk give up a key ministry? New leaks regarding the division of positions in the government

Will Donald Tusk give up a key ministry?  New leaks regarding the division of positions in the government

There is still no official information regarding specific positions in the emerging government of KO, Third Way and the Left. However, the latest leaks show that most of the ministerial portfolios have already been distributed.

Information about the initial division of positions has already appeared in the media, but each day brings new information about the negotiations around building a new government. The latest information obtained by Super Express shows that it is now known who will take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

New government. Division of ministries

Super Express sources confirmed the reports that had already appeared in the media thanks to “Gazeta Wyborcza”. They show that representatives of the Civic Coalition would serve as ministers of interior affairs and administration, justice, health, state assets, finance and culture. The People’s Party will be responsible for the ministries of national defence, economy, agriculture and infrastructure. Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz will most likely become the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

What’s new is the leak regarding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which, according to SE information, would end up in the hands of the Third Way. The vice-chairman of Poland 2050, Michał Kobosko, previously expressed his interest in international issues. The representative of Szymon Hołownia’s party is also to be appointed Minister of Climate.

It is still not known which group will take power in the ministries of sports, education and science. In the case of the latter, it is said to be divided into two separate ministries. It is known that the Left has repeatedly expressed its interest in education, which is also responsible for the Ministry of Family and Social Policy and the Ministry of Digitization.

Tusk hands over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The daily’s reports were commented on by political scientist Kazimierz Kik, who did not hide his surprise that Donald Tusk decided to give up the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Poland by 2050. – This division surprises me because it does not result from the development needs of the country, but from political needs – dividing the groups so that they want to co-create a new government and do not think about coalition with political opponents – he said.

The expert emphasized that Donald Tusk’s international position supports the candidacy of the KO representative for the position of head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – It’s strange that PO is giving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Hołownia’s group, because our foreign policy should be consistent with the European one, and Tusk was the head of the European People’s Party. It seemed that KO would be conducting talks with Brussels when the EU is preparing for greater integration of the Community, he said.

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