The inhabitants of the Wiązowna commune chose a very young councilor. “Graduation next month…”

The inhabitants of the Wiązowna commune chose a very young councilor.  "Graduation next month..."

Maciej Pomorski ran in the elections as a candidate for the council of one of the rural communes in Masovia. He received a mandate. Surprisingly, as he himself said on the X platform – he will take his high school final exams in a month.

Pomorski ran from the Electoral Committee of Voters of Janusz W. Budny – mayor of the Wiązowna commune since 2014. It is worth adding that he was re-elected for this position – he received almost 80 percent. all votes.

The most surprising fact is how old the Pomeranian is. The clue is the fact that he will soon take the secondary school leaving examination.

“It's official”

Pomorski announced his – for many – surprising victory via the X platform. “It's official. At the age of 18, I become one of the youngest councilors in Poland. The residents put great trust in me – almost 70% of the votes,” he noted. He ended the entry by saying that he had “begun a new phase in his life”, and in the meantime, “the final exams are in a month”…

On April 7, voters could also vote for a rival candidate – 42-year-old Karolina Dąbrowska – who ran from the list of the Electoral Committee of the Masovian Self-Government Community. However, Pomorski won significantly more votes. It is worth adding that in the entire commune (Wiązowna is located in the Otwock district), Budny's committee dominated the elections – it received support of 93.3%, which means 14 out of 15 seats in the council.

Szafarowicz did not get into the Warsaw city council

In the context of relatively young people who, however, ran for their place in many places this year, including: in commune or district councils, it is worth mentioning Oskar Szafarowicz. Law and Justice activist, followed by over 33,000 people on the X platform. people – he ran from the list of the Law and Justice Electoral Committee for the Warsaw city council. He received 3.15 percent. votes (over 2.45 thousand voters decided to mark “x” next to his name on the ballot).

The 23-year-old ran for a seat in the Praga-Południe district. “We don't know the full results yet, but I wish everyone such a 'disaster'. As Law and Justice, we probably lacked a few votes for the second mandate,” he wrote on X. He noted that “he started from last place (seventh – ed.), giving his all in an intense campaign close to the people.”

“I got the second result from last place,” he emphasized. He then pointed to political issues that, in his opinion, could have prevented him from winning. “I wish everyone that in their first elections, from a distant place, they could win a mandate in a district that is difficult for the right wing in a city dominated by the left-liberal option,” he said.

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