The Polish defender spoke eloquently about the match against Wales. He pointed to Wojciech Szczęsny

The Polish defender spoke eloquently about the match against Wales.  He pointed to Wojciech Szczęsny

Paweł Dawidowicz has two more appearances for the Polish national team. After the match against Wales, he admitted how he felt during this difficult match.

Even before the semi-final of the Euro 2024 play-offs against Estonia, Paweł Dawidowicz was not sure whether he would be able to join it. All because of the injury. Meanwhile, the defender not only played against Estonia, but also took part in the clash against Wales, for an extended period of 120 minutes.

Dawidowicz talks about penalty kicks

The central defender of the Polish national team spoke on TVP Sport after the exciting match against Wales. He confessed what he felt during the match. He made a funny reference to Wojciech Szczęsny's saving of the penalty kick, which allowed us to advance to the tournament in Germany.

– I was focused all the time. I honestly thought that we would throw something in during overtime. During penalties, it was good that Wojtek saved the shot, because then I was next in line – Paweł Dawidowicz laughed. – I'm glad we won. This is why we came here, he added.

Dawidowicz did not have an easy task in Tuesday's match. He had to fight many duels with the tall striker of the Wales national team. We are, of course, talking about Kieffer Moore.

– I like to feel the striker on my back and I think he feels the same about the defender. It looked good, because even if someone got elbowed, we high-fived each other and everything was fine, without any bad blood – he added.

Dawidowicz is counting on a surprise

During Euro 2024, Polish representatives will play in an extremely difficult group. Our rivals will be the Dutch, Austrians and French. Dawidowicz, however, hopes that the white and red team will cause a lot of blood to their opponents, especially since the team's play and the atmosphere have improved.

– Everything is still good, we have very good players and we hope that we will be a dark horse in the group for Euro. Apart from that, we have a great coach who exudes calm. He introduced a great atmosphere and if he exudes calm, the players also feel the same way – concluded Dawidowicz.

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