Another spot of Law and Justice. “Russia, Tusk, Russia, Kołodziejczak”

Another spot of Law and Justice.  "Russia, Tusk, Russia, Kołodziejczak"

Two days have passed since the announcement of cooperation between the Civic Coalition and AgroUnion. Still, it doesn’t seem like the topic is about to go away. On the contrary.

The editors of video materials in the headquarters of Law and Justice, and not only in this one, have their hands full in the pre-election period. It’s hard to find a day without a spot. Just as it is hard to find statements by party politicians in which the word “Russia” or “Germany” is not mentioned next to the name “Tusk”. Today we have two in one.

Law and Justice hits Tusk’s new coalition

The decision of Donald Tusk, announced on Wednesday, to include Michał Kołodziejczak, the leader of AgroUnion, on the lists of the Civic Coalition, resonated widely. Especially since the former prime minister was to take it on his own.

On the same day, comments from PiS politicians appeared. “You have betrayed the Polish countryside. Now you have a Putin sympathizer on your list. Who do you serve?” – wrote Mateusz Morawiecki at the time. He was echoed by his predecessor, Beata Szydło, who hit Tusk with Kołodziejczak’s old quotes. “Donald Tusk moved Poles back several centuries,” said the leader of AgroUnion not so long ago.

On Friday, the ruling party went a step further, combined it into one and shared the latest election spot, which can be easily summarized in the words “Russia, Tusk, Russia, Kołodziejczak”. It alternates between new coalition partners talking about cooperation with Putin, Russia as a market for farmers and international agreements from several years ago.

Jarosław Kaczyński preferred Kołodziejczak at home?

This coincides perfectly with Jarosław Kaczyński’s announcement of a new slogan under which Law and Justice will go to the next elections. “Safe Future of Poles”. – We are doing everything to strengthen security in our country – said the party’s president on Friday, implicitly showing the threat from Russia. The same one that Kołodziejczak said many times in the spot.

Only the deputy prime minister could forget one thing. According to Kołodziejczak, Law and Justice also offered him cooperation. Robert Telus, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, wanted to meet him, but the meeting was canceled after Wednesday’s announcement of the agreement between AgroUnion and the Civic Coalition. – Today, Robert Telus wrote that “probably his offer is out of date” – said Kołodziejczak on Wednesday.

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