The government spokesman commented on Ukraine’s complaint. “It doesn’t impress us”

The government spokesman commented on Ukraine's complaint.  "It doesn't impress us"

Poland decided to maintain the ban on imports of Ukrainian grain. This decision was challenged by Ukraine, which filed a complaint with the WTO.

The European Commission has not decided to extend the ban on grain imports from Ukraine. Poland took the matter into its own hands and decided to block it on its own. This move did not please the Ukrainian side, which decided to file a complaint against Poland, Hungary and Slovakia to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

– It cannot be that when our economic or agricultural interests are threatened, we will somehow retreat from such moral or legal pressure – government spokesman Piotr Müller commented on the decision during a conversation with Bogdan Rymanowski in “Guest of Events”.

– We maintain our position. The complaint to the WTO does not impress us. We have no intention of withdrawing from this embargo, assured Müller. Despite this, he assured that Poland continues to support Ukraine in the fight against the Russian aggressor.

Poland maintained its embargo on Ukrainian grain

So far, the ban on grain imports from Ukraine was in force in five frontline countries – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria – but it ended with the decision of the European Commission on September 15. The first three countries said they would maintain the embargo. The move by the European body was also not well received in Bulgaria, where it sparked mass protests by farmers.

– In our eyes, these actions by Hungary and Poland are an expression of a complete lack of trust in the European Commission. It is important to prove that these actions are legally wrong. And that is why tomorrow we will start legal proceedings, said Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Taras Kaczka.

Ukraine’s proposal was ‘insufficient’

Ukraine was about to present its proposal to the European Commission to resolve the dispute, but this proposal was reportedly questioned by Poland. She was “insufficient.”

– We will not allow Ukrainian grain to destabilize the Polish countryside. The interests of Polish farmers, the Polish countryside, but also millions of Polish consumers will always be in the first place for the Law and Justice government, declared Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki a few days ago.

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