A list of the 35 richest Poles of the 35th anniversary, foreign exchange hunting for millions and a “gift” for Putin for the May weekend. New “Wprost”

A list of the 35 richest Poles of the 35th anniversary, foreign exchange hunting for millions and a "gift" for Putin for the May weekend.  New "Wprost"

Moreover, in the issue: the search for the “second Duda”, Kukiz feels sorry for Protasiewicz, among others. Siekierski on how Poles fell out of love with the EU, acts of courage in the case of the Sosnowiec diocese, America saves Europe again, the Economic Freedom Forum starts, Anna-Maria Sieklucka dissociates herself from “365 days” and much more.

“List of the 35 richest of the 35th anniversary.” Who, if not for death, bankruptcy or scandal, would have the greatest chance of building the most powerful fortune in Poland? About this in a large piece of the history of Polish capitalism, prepared by Szymon Krawiec.

“'Wprost' starts with the Economic Freedom Forum.” Our new project is intended to give a voice to entrepreneurs and make all Poles aware of the role of private business in the economy, he writes Szymon Krawiec.

“Bloody business in Polish forests.” A foreigner pays a fortune to shoot a deer that Polish hunters will not touch. Because the most beautiful specimens are saved for foreign exchange hunting. Profits are counted in millions. Details in the text Piotr Barejka.

“Rockets to Crimea”. Russians expect an attack to mark the inauguration of Putin's next term or the annual parade on Red Square. Jakub Mielnik about plans to attack the Kerch Bridge.

What else in the new “Wprost”

“Trzaskowski can now buy a ticket.” – Tusk's participation in the presidential elections carries a huge risk – he warns in an interview with Eliza Olczyk prof. Rafał Chwedorukpolitical scientist.

“Let's not cannibalize with Ukraine.” – Now we no longer love this EU because it imposes additional requirements on us – he points out in the interview Karol Wasilewski Czesław SiekierskiMinister of Agriculture.

“The search for the 'second Duda'”. President Jarosław Kaczyński faces a dilemma regarding the choice of presidential candidate. He writes about the pros and cons of possible candidates Joanna Miziołek.

“I feel sorry for Protasiewicz.” Paweł Kukiz in the comment for Agnieszka Niełościowska evaluates, among others, Jacek Protasiewicz's controversial internet activity and its impact on the result of the presidential elections in Wrocław.

“Sosnowiec diocese saved?” The bishop showed courage when he was the first (and ultimately one of four) to publicly oppose the Vatican's obfuscation regarding Archbishop Andrzej Dzięga and his lies – he praises Tomasz P. Terlikowski.

“20 thousand robbed families. First of all, taxes cannot be a fine. And this was the case for many years in relation to the so-called victims of registration relief – draws attention Marek Isański.

“America saves Europe again.” Europe must say goodbye to its longing for an agreement with the aggressor and start seriously supporting Ukraine. He assesses the effects of the vote on aid for Ukraine Jakub Mielnik.

“24 floors of pig isolation.” The Chinese want to consume more and more meat and are willing to do a lot to implement this plan. Even by building the largest pigsty in the world. More in the text Miłosz Szymański.

“Poland a nuclear clash zone?” Poland's entry into Nuclear Sharing does not mean the need to build nuclear weapons warehouses in the country, he writes Gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak.

“How to tame a hospital.” Her daughter's health history made Mrs. Joanna involved in “breaking the spell” of hospitals, surgeries and other medical procedures. Interview Paulina Socha-Jakubowska.

“I won't defend this film anymore.” Today, in my opinion, “365 Days” is a production showing a patriarchal, violent male-female relationship – he says Katarzyna Burzyńska Anna-Maria Siekluckaactress.

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