Medvedev on the Hamas attack on Israel. “What can stop America’s maniacal obsession?”

Medvedev on the Hamas attack on Israel.  “What can stop America's maniacal obsession?”

After the Hamas attack on Israel, statements appeared from leaders including: from Poland, USA and Ukraine. Dmitry Medvedev used this moment to verbally attack the United States.

On Saturday, October 7, the military command of the radical Palestinian group Hamas announced the launch of a new military operation against Israel. Local media reported that approximately 100 people were killed and 740 injured as a result of the rocket fire.

This information was denied by the services. Official data shows that 70 people died and 545 were injured. Nearly 200 people were killed in retaliatory attacks. This balance sheet is updated on an ongoing basis.

Hamas attack on Israel. Duda, Blinken and Zelensky react

President Andrzej Duda spoke on the matter. “I am shocked by the news of today’s brutal attack by Hamas on Israel. Rocket attacks and the holding of civilians hostage are our deepest objections. Poland condemns all acts of violence. I express my deepest condolences to all those affected by the attack,” the president wrote on the X website (formerly Twitter). Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau also issued a short statement.

Antony Blinken said the United States condemns Hamas’ attacks on Israel. – There is never an excuse for terrorism – said the US Secretary of State. He also informed that the American side remains “in close contact with Israeli partners.” It is known that President Joe Biden was informed about the situation.

“Terrible news from Israel. I express my condolences to all those who lost relatives or friends in a terrorist attack. We believe that order will be restored and the terrorists defeated. Anyone who resorts to terror commits a crime against the world. Whoever finances terror commits a crime against the world. The world must be united and in solidarity so that terror does not try to break or subjugate life anywhere and at any time,” wrote Volodymyr Zelensky. The President of Ukraine emphasized that “Israel’s right to self-defense is indisputable.”

Medvedev “on America’s maniacal obsession.” He presented a shocking scenario

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that “Russia expresses serious concern about the rapid escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.” Dmitry Medvedev, in turn, stated that “clashes between Hamas and Israel” are an expected event. In this context, he assessed that the United States plays a “key role” in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

“What can stop America’s maniacal obsession with inciting conflict across the planet? It looks like only a civil war on US territory,” wrote the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

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