Safe loan 2 percent Poles have already used the plan planned for this year

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Poles borrowed approximately PLN 3.7 billion using the “Safe Credit 2%” program. The government estimated that this result would be achieved only at the end of the year – and not after 11 weeks of the subsidy program being in force. Limits will come into force in the program next year.

After 11 weeks of operation of the government program, the number of applications for preferential loans exceeds 43,000 – according to data from the Ministry of Energy and Technology published by Puls Biznesu. This number is lower than a week ago because, as journalists found out, the ministry decided to change the methodology used so far. As a result, applications that were canceled, processed in another bank, withdrawn or overdue were removed from the statistics.

The latest data also summarizes how many subsidized loans have already been granted. It turns out that after 11 weeks of the program’s operation, 9,766 contracts have already been signed – according to BGK data obtained by Puls Biznesu.

This is a lot considering how little time has passed since the program came into force. Let us remember that the number of banks participating in the program is growing, the final IT system to support the program is still being created, and the procedures are only just getting stronger.

Safe loan 2%: average subsidized loan for PLN 380,000

It is therefore hardly surprising that the “Safe Credit 2%” is extremely popular. This can be shown in specific numbers. We know from previous publications of the ministry that the average subsidized loan is approximately PLN 380,000. This suggests that after 11 weeks, the total value of the signed contracts can be estimated at approximately PLN 3.7 billion. This is almost PLN 800 million more than a week ago. This is also more than stated in the Regulatory Impact Assessment attached to the draft act introducing the preferential loan program. According to this document
by the end of 2023, loans worth a total of PLN 3.2 billion were expected to be granted.
After just 11 weeks, we have already overcome this barrier.

What next with the Safe 2% Credit program?

“If nothing unexpected happens, there will be no money in this program, even in a few months. It is true that, according to the Act, in 2023 BGK cannot announce the suspension of the recruitment of applications for preferential loans, but the money does not come out of nowhere.

In 2023, we will use the budget planned for 2024. The government then plans to spend PLN 941 million on loan subsidies. Next year it will be PLN 1,107 million,” writes Bartosz Turek, chief analyst at HREIT.

The act stipulates that the acceptance of applications will have to be stopped when 90% of the funding for a given year has been used. of the money provided or 75 percent those budgeted for next year. This means that when the “subsidy counter” reaches just over PLN 830 million in 2024, BGK will announce the end of accepting applications. This ban will take effect the day after this announcement.

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