The four-year-old had a chronic cold. The cause of the problem is shocking

The four-year-old had a chronic cold.  The cause of the problem is shocking

A runny nose is quite a common ailment. It is usually a symptom of a cold, upper respiratory tract infection or allergy. However, it turns out that the cause of the problem may be completely different, often quite surprising.

This is proven by the story of four-year-old Antek. Doctor Łukasz Grzywacz, known online as Tata Pediatrician. he shared it on social media as a warning to sensitize other parents and draw attention to a quite common problem that may have very serious consequences.

Recurrent runny nose and its unusual cause

Antek started complaining about a runny nose. He reported no other symptoms of infection. He had no fever, sore throat or other symptoms indicating that something was wrong with his body. He also did not suffer from any allergies. A runny nose was the only worrying sign. The problem occurred with varying severity and mainly concerned the right nostril. Over time, the boy began to mention a strange, unpleasant smell floating in the air, although there was nothing in the immediate vicinity that could emit such an odor. My parents tried to cure the cold with home remedies. None of the methods brought the expected result. The runny nose never completely went away.

When Antek started bleeding from his nose, his parents consulted a specialist. The doctor discovered that the problem was caused by a foreign body stuck in the nose. The boy stuck a pea into his right nostril and it stuck so deep that it could not be seen with the naked eye. Over time, the “intruder” caused inflammation. It also began to rot (hence the ugly, unpleasant smell the boy felt). Fortunately, the peas were pulled out and the inflammation was cured.

Foreign body in the nose – possible complications

Little Antek's story ended well. It is worth emphasizing, however, that the presence of a foreign body in the nose can have very serious and unpleasant consequences and lead to many different complications, such as damage to the nasal septum, breathing problems, chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa or the formation of so-called nasal stones. They occur when calcium salts are deposited on a foreign body.

What to do if you notice a foreign body in your child's nose? It is best to see a doctor right away. Trying to remove the intruder yourself may have the opposite effect than intended and make the problem worse.

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